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How to stay productive when it gets dark early

Coldness, darkness and rain – everything in winter brings you fatigue. After it gets dark at 4pm, you may just want to pull out a blanket and watch Netflix in bed. However, you cannot be lazy as there are countless deadlines at the end of the term. You know that tasks are piling up, but… Continue Reading →

Handling Second Year

If you’re settling into Warwick as a second year this term, there’s so much to discover. There’s new experiences and skills to learn along the way. Emily shares her advice to make second year your best one yet! By Emily Alger

What is reading week for?

Next week is the dream week for humanities based students, and the scorn of those doing a ‘real subject.’ Yes, it’s reading week. But unsure of what to do with it? This week, Iona suggests some ideas for making your reading week useful and setting yourself up for a productive second half of term. By… Continue Reading →


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