Take a breather! Using yoga to supplement your studies

Contrary to popular belief, yoga isn’t all about toned women in fancy leggings contorting themselves into awkward shapes in a cloud of incense and soothing music. Yoga is for everyone, and that includes students. No matter what gender you identify as, size of clothing you wear, or level of flexibility you have, yoga can be used to take a break, get some exercise and tend to your body and mind. As Easter has come and gone and exams loom, this is the perfect time to fit some yoga into your routine and use it to help supplement your studies.

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It’s time for yoga…in the library!

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and well-being. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break…

Library yoga can be risky. Choose an inopportune moment to strike the Warrior I pose or an Intense Side Angle, or maybe the Lord of Fishes stance while you’re in the silent study area, and you might end up (yet again) frightening a fellow student…By Eric Baron.

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