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A marathon not a sprint: defeating the dissertation doldrums

So the deadline for your dissertation or final year project is looming and it isn’t all quite going to plan. Here’s our advice for getting over the final hurdle and handing in your magnum opus on time… Read more

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, red, white and blue Brexit – what does it all mean?

Would you like to explore what Brexit may mean for the UK, and what has actually happened so far? Here are some Library tips!

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Get Familiar: The Modern Records Centre

Struggling to find original source material? Want to make your essay stand out? Here’s how to get ahead by using the Modern Records Centre (MRC) and its archives…by Nuala Clarke

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Get Familiar: The Wolfson Research Exchange

Researcher at Warwick? Let’s get you acquainted with the Research Exchange or the REx, as it’s more affectionately known…

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Focus on…the digital Loeb Classical Library

Unless you’re a Classicist, you may not have noticed that the University now has a subscription to the digital Loeb Classical Library. Still not sure why you should be interested? You’d be surprised how many disciplines this vast online collection could turn out to be useful for… by Helen Ireland



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What’s in a name? Statistics can tell you…

Have you used statistics for your research? Want to know more about how to use them and which you can trust? Read on… By Helen Riley 

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After Talk Must Come Action: Racial Resistance and Remaking

This term saw a collaboration between the Modern Records Centre and Warwick SU to produce an open series of educational events, including exhibitions, seminars and panel talks. Our first series is ‘After Talk Must Come Action: Racial Resistance and Remaking’ and has already seen 4 events this term…

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