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Postgrads take over campus: perks of a summer at Warwick

We all love having our undergrads around, but it’s nice to have the campus to ourselves once in a while. Here’s why we love summer!…By Ana Kedves

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The postgraduate journey: staying on track

There’s so much to the postgraduate journey that often it feels like you’d need a map to navigate it… so we’ve made one. Here’s what the Library has coming up to help you stay on track, complete with its very own PG tube map…

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On Track: the 4 stages of writing a Masters dissertation

Just like the weather we experience at this time of the year in the UK, this phase of the academic calendar can be both enjoyable and frustrating for Masters students…By Ide Haghi

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24-hour Library: Researching Into the Night

As a PhD student, you have probably left behind the long nights of essay writing and pre-exam revision, but there will still be days with fewer hours than you need. Good news is that with 24/7 Library, Research Exchange will be up and running too. Here’s how to use it and make progress in your research….

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Get Familiar: The Wolfson Research Exchange

Researcher at Warwick? Let’s get you acquainted with the Research Exchange or the REx, as it’s more affectionately known…

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Get Familiar: The Postgrad Hub

The postgrad hub (or the PG Hub, as it’s more commonly known) is a treat reserved for all of Warwick’s postgraduate students. Read this post to get familiar…By Eric Baron

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Let’s celebrate! How and why you should celebrate your achievements during your postgrad

The sun is shining, the library has been more or less abandoned and there’s a large number of parents on campus. It must be the end of a hard working year and (hopefully) the time to relax and celebrate all you’ve achieved this year…

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Dissertation troubles: digital solutions?

As with everything these days, where there’s a need, there’s an app. The same applies for managing your dissertation; let’s take a look at what’s on offer… by Karina Beck Read more

Getting the most from your sources: Note taking and speed reading

Faced with a mountain of books and articles for your dissertation? It may seem like a huge slog but with these tips you can get through the reading that you need to do with the minimum of stress… By Chris Vernon

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Feeling like a Masters monster? The Library can help.

As a Masters student you can feel a bit like a twenty-first century Frankenstein’s monster. Still suffering from the sheer knowledge of how much debt you’re in and how much debt you’re going further into, in the limbo land of old and young, questioning “can I go to the Undergrad events even when I’m 21?”…by Tom Stewart

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