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How to get ahead this summer without actually studying

Is concern creeping in regarding an unproductive summer, but you’re not quite ready to get into the academic swing? Here are some suggestions on filling your time productively, without having to hit the books… by Laura Primiceri

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4 Ways to get the most out of this summer

Summer’s here! But before you bound off to Malta or the Lake District …or that job in Sainsbury’s make sure you take note of these 4 things…

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How to study effectively when you aren’t in the Library

Home for the holidays? No longer able to study in the Library or your usual spot? Here are some tips to help you create a pop-up study haven…

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So this is Christmas …and what have you done?

Christmas is typically a time for spending time with loved ones, watching Christmas specials on TV and stealing all the green triangles from the Quality Street tin before anyone else gets a look in. Not so typically, it’s also a time for study, essays and revision. Here’s how to overcome the obstacles of the holidays

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Overcoming the obstacles of Reading Week

We’re now half way through reading week and you have no doubt encountered some of the unexpected obstacles that are preventing you from getting to your Everest: page 86. Here’s how to tackle them…

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Space, monsters and luxury apartment blocks: Our book suggestions for your summer reads

Did you know that yesterday was #NationalBookLoversDay? Well, that’s like Library Christmas for us so we got very excited chatting about our favourites. Here’s a post to inspire you to pick up a book, settle into the sofa and lose yourself in some fiction…

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Put your best foot forward

The weekly Wellbeing Walk is a breath of fresh air for your mind and body… by Annette Kinsella. Read more

Taking your studies on tour? Try our top tips for using other libraries

Heading home for the holidays?  Not sure how you’re going to manage without the Library? Whether you‘re researching for an assignment or just need a quiet space to study, there are plenty of alternatives you can try while you’re away from Warwick By Julie Robinson

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Mastering the art of outdoor study

I’m not going to pretend that studying outdoors is anyway near as fun as sunbathing or having a barbeque. However, this post will provide you with the inspiration you need to leave the restraints of your desk and successfully master the art of outdoor studying, ensuring that as the temperatures soar you manage to keep your cool…By Francesca Green. 

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