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Posts tagged ‘group work’

Lone studier? Find out how to revise effectively in a group

This blog post will help you with practical techniques you and your friends can use to help you stay focused and revise as a group…

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Study buddies: why you should study with friends

Find yourself easily distracted when studying on your own? Maybe group studying can help you actually crack on…

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Our experienced writers share their revision wisdom

In the words of Jimi Hendix: Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. So here are some top exam tips from our extremely wise, incredibly experienced and downright gorgeous writers: 

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How to cope with your new group mates

Your tutor, in their infinite wisdom, has given you a group assignment –  now you’re destined to spend the next two weeks locked in a room with a bunch of people you may be totally incompatible with. The path is tough and the battle long, but with some carefully applied wisdom you might just make it through…by Charlotte Salter

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