4 Thoughts that you’ve had after an exam

‘What question 8?’ ‘That was so easy! Why did everyone else find it hard?’ ‘I miss the Library.’ ‘What do I do with my life now?’ ‘I can breathe again!’ ‘I failed. My whole life is over.’

We’ve all experienced some of these thoughts catapulting around our head as we leave an exam room. Let’s take a deeper look at the post exam feels and how to cope with them…

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The ultimate list of #studyblog exam and revision posts

Somehow, exams are rolling around again and panic is creeping in, so for those of you who weren’t acquainted with the Study Blog or even Warwick last year (or if you’ve been through it all before, but can’t quite remember how to keep some semblance of calm at this stage) we’ve rooted out our 5 most popular posts from last year to save the day. Enjoy…


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