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Reading lists: try before you buy

Remember when Harry Potter got his letter from Hogwarts? And attached was a list of all the books he needed to buy? Remember wanting that exact list, rushing out to Flourish and Blotts and buying each and every one of them? The only bit J.K. Rowling didn’t mention was that he probably didn’t need half of them and neither will you…By Thomas Stewart

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Taking your studies on tour? Try our top tips for using other libraries

Heading home for the holidays?  Not sure how you’re going to manage without the Library? Whether you‘re researching for an assignment or just need a quiet space to study, there are plenty of alternatives you can try while you’re away from Warwick By Julie Robinson

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A quick guide to understanding references

When you look at a reading list for the first time it can seem quite daunting.  You may ask yourself, what do all these seemingly random strings of words and numbers mean? Where will I find these articles I have been asked to read? By Francesca Cornick

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What kind of searcher are you?

Find your library search personality type and get our tips for how to make the most of the information that is out there, just waiting for you… By Kate Williams.

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Library 101: How databases can transform your assignments

Whether you’re feeling trapped by your reading list or suffering from lit review paranoia, Library databases are the key to finding all those riveting articles for well-researched assignments and glittering bibliographies. Follow us into the wormhole …By Karina Beck.

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Size isn’t everything… but these Library figures are guaranteed to impress

Let’s do some accounting – no, really, don’t run away. It’s going to be fun.

Just so you know, I am in no way an accountant. I am a literature graduate, so this will be some very creative accounting. If only I could apply these skills to my overdraft… By Carina Hart

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