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Posts tagged ‘distance learning’

Soon to be a Warwick Alumni? Take note of this valuable advice

Congratulations to all our graduands! Although you’re moving on, this doesn’t have to be the end! Here are 3 pieces of advice to ensure your transition from student to alumni is smooth and that you make the most of out being a Warwick graduate! Read more

Overcoming the obstacles of Reading Week

We’re now half way through reading week and you have no doubt encountered some of the unexpected obstacles that are preventing you from getting to your Everest: page 86. Here’s how to tackle them…

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Taking your studies on tour? Try our top tips for using other libraries

Heading home for the holidays?  Not sure how you’re going to manage without the Library? Whether you‘re researching for an assignment or just need a quiet space to study, there are plenty of alternatives you can try while you’re away from Warwick By Julie Robinson

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Mastering the art of outdoor study

I’m not going to pretend that studying outdoors is anyway near as fun as sunbathing or having a barbeque. However, this post will provide you with the inspiration you need to leave the restraints of your desk and successfully master the art of outdoor studying, ensuring that as the temperatures soar you manage to keep your cool…By Francesca Green. 

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Four essential reasons why the e-book is w-onderful

The humble e-book is a valuable tool for any student: read on for an irreverent introduction to this wonderful resource. Article may contain polar bears…By Thomas Bray.

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5 surprising services to make your long-distance Library relationship thrive

On those occasions when you’re not at Warwick, take advantage of what the Library has
to offer and watch your long distance relationship blossom (no sexting or late night
selfies required).. .

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