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Posts tagged ‘databases’

Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, red, white and blue Brexit – what does it all mean?

Would you like to explore what Brexit may mean for the UK, and what has actually happened so far? Here are some Library tips!

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Understanding Library jargon: Part I

I must admit the library can be rather intimidating, with its bizarre series of terms which only seems to be understood by hermits who have permanently retreated to its mysterious depths. Let me translate… By Lorna Khemraz

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Focus on…the digital Loeb Classical Library

Unless you’re a Classicist, you may not have noticed that the University now has a subscription to the digital Loeb Classical Library. Still not sure why you should be interested? You’d be surprised how many disciplines this vast online collection could turn out to be useful for… by Helen Ireland



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Focus on… Science databases

When you first come to use databases in your studies, you can find the sheer amount of available resources rather overwhelming. With dozens of different databases covering various subjects, journals and forms of information, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our quick guide will take you through the ins and outs of finding what you need…by Helen Ireland and Chris Vernon
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Is this source scholarly enough?

How many times have you found yourself asking this question, after a frantic Google search to find something (anything!) relevant to your essay? by Kate Williams Read more

How business databases can give you the advantage in your job search

The Library’s business databases can be used for more than just assignments. Regardless of the course you are studying they can be a tool for your job search and help prepare you for interviews…By Francesca Cornick.

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What kind of searcher are you?

Find your library search personality type and get our tips for how to make the most of the information that is out there, just waiting for you… By Kate Williams.

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Library 101: How databases can transform your assignments

Whether you’re feeling trapped by your reading list or suffering from lit review paranoia, Library databases are the key to finding all those riveting articles for well-researched assignments and glittering bibliographies. Follow us into the wormhole …By Karina Beck.

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Vital Library tools for Masters dissertation success

When your dissertation storm strikes, don’t get caught without an umbrella…By Karina Beck.

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