You didn’t know you needed them: Academic Support Librarians

Deep in the Warwick Library jungle are a secret group of creatures. They roam silently between the bookshelves, and few students even know their existence. We are of course referring to Warwick’s Academic Support Librarians, the geniuses behind all our essay successes. In this week’s blog, Edward investigates.

By Edward Stanbury.

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Study Happy: Keeping your studying productive by adding breaks

All-nighters pulled the day before a deadline, endless books taken out with the promise of completing the core reading, chatting with friends to convince yourself you are spending a lot of productive time at the Library. Yet there is another role the library plays that not all know about: the Study Happy initiative. While the majority of the Library is focused on the ‘Study’ part, this initiative is concerned with your wellbeing, helping you with the ‘Happy’ and boosting your productivity. This is already evident in their mascot: a happy-looking penguin called ‘Kirby’.

By Anastasia Cagnoni.

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Accessible studying; tips and tools to help you tackle that reading list

As the middle of the academic year approaches, many of us are probably thinking now would be a good time to catch up on all the readings we told ourselves we’d actually do this year.  However, if you’re finding yourself not knowing where to start, rest assured that the Library has some great resources to help in getting to grips with this type of work load. In this article, you’ll find some great ways to tackle your readings, especially if you struggle with the lack of accessibility surrounding e-reading and note-taking!

By Rebekah Elliot.

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Last Minute Essay Writing

Let’s face it, most of us have been there: you promised yourself you would start your next assignment two weeks earlier, but somehow you blinked and the deadline which was only three weeks away is suddenly two days away. You have to write 3000 words in three days, but you don’t even have a single word down on your document. You don’t even know where to start. If that sounds like you, you have come to the right place! Here are some of my top tried and tested tips for writing a good essay in a short time frame. The goal here is working as smart as possible in a short time frame.

By Arin Ososanya.

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All Things Library and Strategy with University Librarian Anna

When most of us think of librarians, we think of people who help us find books, or give book recommendations. What you might not know, is that librarians have many more tasks. Managing around 140 people through numerous teams, setting the library strategy and allocating budget spending, Anna O’Neill’s role as the Librarian – the head of the library – is synonymous to being CEO (she even has an assistant). Don’t mistake the Library for a small enterprise: the Librarian’s spends millions on providing resources for students, both paper books, e-books and access to database collections. This is to say that Anna definitely holds a strongly influential role in which she takes a range of influential decisions and needs to speak her mind. Read on to find out what else I learned in the 30-minute interview, including student advice and facts you didn’t know about your university library.

By Anastasia Cagnoni.

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Different Library Spaces

Perhaps the Library is your favourite study space on campus, but how well do you actually know this place? Do you know which floors are for quiet or collaborative study? Have you ever been in the “Breathing Space” or the “Co-Creation Space”? Read on to learn about what parts of the Library you haven’t heard of, and how to get the most out of them.

By Daira Povez Gamboa.

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Feedback: Not only for the past but also for the future

Do you often feel conflicting emotions of expectation and worry after submitting a written assignment? Such feelings are frequently heightened after getting grades and feedback from our marker. Have you ever spent time reading the feedback than on the final grade only? Unfortunately, many of us stop there and leave our markers’ feedback alone. However, when we skip the feedback section, we seem to waste some very useful, personalised tips that not only complement our understanding of the grade, but also provide us with suggestions on how to improve for the next assignment. In this week’s blog, Amber guides us through making the most of our feedback.

By Amber Zhang.

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Cooking at Warwick: How not to set your kitchen on fire and other practical tips

Are you bored of cooking the same dishes over and over again, or are you worried about setting your kitchen on fire because of your lack of cooking experience? In this blog, Gunisha draws on her personal experience to provide tips and tricks to make cooking at university a piece of cake. She also shares a fun and easy-to-make Potato Sandwich recipe.

By Gunisha Aggarwal.

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