Exploring your local libraries – alternative study spaces in an area near you!


Everyone loves to use the Warwick Library for studying – it provides everything you need from well-equipped computers, it’s open all day, every day and a very large collection of books that caters for all your study needs. However, have you ever considered using a local library?…by Kayvon Taee 

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Mastering Warwick as a Postgraduate

Starting life as a postgraduate is exciting, but it can also be extremely daunting. While as an undergrad you would be in the same boat as all your classmates for three years, navigating a difficult but well-mapped-out route, as a postgraduate it’s easy to feel like you’re in a lifeboat by yourself in the uncharted waters of academia. Thankfully, at the Library we offer a number of different recurring events and programmes and services for postgraduates to help make sure you don’t feel lost at sea (time to drop anchor on this tenuous naval metaphor)… by David Richardson Continue reading “Mastering Warwick as a Postgraduate”

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