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‘A Wheely Merry Christmas’ from the MRC’s Collections

Enjoy this festive post from the MRC’s blog. Such wonderful & unusual Christmas cards!


To celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, we have selected 12 Christmas cards from the Cyclists Touring Club collection. Ranging from funny to sweet, classic to a little odd, they’ll definitely put you in the festive spirit! You certainly won’t see these in Clinton Cards!

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24-hour Library: Make your all nighter productive

StayFocusedIf you’re more of a night owl than a morning lark then our 24/7 library opening is made for you. But if you are thinking of pulling the occasional all nighter you’ve got to get it right and make it worthwhile or you’ll just be sitting in the library, all night, watching Netflix and worrying. And that is 100% better from the comfort of your own bed…

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You don’t have to do it alone: 5 tips for group revision

Misery loves company, so goes the old saying – and this is never more true than in revision season at Warwick, when the campus rustles to the tune of hundreds of pale, hollow-eyed figures shambling about blindly as they stagger from one deadline to another. And that’s just the staff… by Annette.

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Presentation technologies: 5 top tips

Want to make your presentation stand out from the crowd? Not sure how to make the best use of technology, text, images or animation? Like it or not, we all have to do presentations at some point, so we’ve put together a video with our 5 top tips for using presentation technology effectively. So sit back, enjoy and get ready to make your presentations stand out! Read more

Schools outreach in the Library… a student’s view

It’s been a busy year for the Library’s outreach work with sixth formers and schools across the region. We have welcomed over 1,500 young people as part of a 2 year project funded by The Science Park Trust… Read more

3 awkward referencing questions your Librarian dreads

We get asked a lot of questions in the Library – some easy, some complex, and others downright bizarre – but if you’ve ever wanted to strike fear into the heart of a Librarian, this is one way to go about it. And all because we hate that crestfallen look on your face when we start answering what you think is a simple question with “Well, that sort of depends…”  by Karina Beck

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