Three things that can go wrong during your exam!

The things that can go wrong before an exam are easy to prepare for — not enough revision, a bad night’s sleep or just generally feeling the pressure. But what about during your exam? When all of your work comes down to a single paper, the last thing you want is for anything to go wrong. Here’s three common things that can go wrong in an exam and how to overcome them… by Ciara Brodie Continue reading “Three things that can go wrong during your exam!”

24-hour Library: Make your all nighter productive

StayFocusedIf you’re more of a night owl than a morning lark then our 24/7 library opening is made for you. But if you are thinking of pulling the occasional all nighter you’ve got to get it right and make it worthwhile or you’ll just be sitting in the library, all night, watching Netflix and worrying. And that is 100% better from the comfort of your own bed…

Continue reading “24-hour Library: Make your all nighter productive”

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