Concentration and cosiness: different study spots on campus

10/110, 2/10…the numbers indicating the seats available in library are always frightening in exam season. Everyone rushes to the library in early morning, occupying a seat like grabbing discounted products in supermarkets on Christmas Eve. However, the library is neither the only study spot on campus not the best one for everyone. Here blogger Angel introduces and compares different study spots on campus. You have numerous choices other than the library.

By Angel Sun.

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You didn’t know you needed them: Academic Support Librarians

Deep in the Warwick Library jungle are a secret group of creatures. They roam silently between the bookshelves, and few students even know their existence. We are of course referring to Warwick’s Academic Support Librarians, the geniuses behind all our essay successes. In this week’s blog, Edward investigates.

By Edward Stanbury.

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Welcome to the Study Blog

Welcome to Warwick! Congratulations, you made it! We’re so excited to have you on campus for your university journey. We wanted to give you a special welcome from the Study Blog. This blog is part of Warwick Library and is written and organised by students and for students. We publish a post every week, on Thursdays at 10.30am, providing you with all the advice, study hacks, experiences, and hints and tips you need to make your study and university journey a success. To give you a flavour of our blog, in this post editor Ellie gives you a tour of our site, pointing you to some of our favourite and most useful post to get you started at Warwick.

By Ellie King

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Five lessons I’ve learned from the Library

When I found out I had to do a week of work experience as part of sixth form, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Even though I was thinking about working in a library, and University of Warwick Library especially seemed interesting (not to mention convenient location-wise), I worried a lot about not knowing enough about the library to get anywhere or do anything. That fear was amplified by the fact that pretty soon, I’m going to be applying to unis, and I know absolutely nothing about them. If you’re reading this article, you might be in the same boat, so here are 5 key lessons I learnt at University of Warwick Library.

By Sam, our work-experience student.

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STEM Students: make the most of your library – in conversation with your Academic Support Librarian

Blogger and Maths and Statistics student Emily talks to Warwick Library’s STEM Academic Support Librarian Chris Vernon to discuss how to make the best use of the library’s resources and databases to help with assignments, dissertations, essays and more.

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