How to structure your time without a formal timetable

It’s term three, and for many of us that means that lectures and seminars are over, replaced instead by essay deadlines and exam revision. It can be difficult to stay motivated and find a way to structure your own time without the help of the weekly timetables of the past two terms. Difficult, but not impossible! Here are some tips on how to organise your time and stay on top of your work.

By Lucy Carter

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Google Search Hacks That Make Your Life Easy

We use Google sometimes, don’t we? Well, that definitely is an understatement. Everything from research to settling an argument includes “googling” as a step. Our Google searches are rather instinctive. What if I tell you there are better ways to google? This would mean better results, faster results, better research and an easy life. So here is the first part of the “Mastering Google” series that helps you get the master this powerful tool.

By Krishna Bellamkonda

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Find Your Groove: Productivity Tips and Tools for Study Success

Coming back from what is a long holiday, it’s hard to blame oneself for getting distracted. With so much going on around us and so many commitments to juggle, here are some top tips to help you regain focus and master the art (or science?) of getting your work done on time, every time. 

By Harry Sun, Library Newsletter Editor

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