Cooking at Warwick: How not to set your kitchen on fire and other practical tips

Are you bored of cooking the same dishes over and over again, or are you worried about setting your kitchen on fire because of your lack of cooking experience? In this blog, Gunisha draws on her personal experience to provide tips and tricks to make cooking at university a piece of cake. She also shares a fun and easy-to-make Potato Sandwich recipe.

By Gunisha Aggarwal.

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Lunar New Year: In the world and at university

Lunar New Year is the most important festival among the Chinese and other Asian communities. Just like Christmas, everyone goes back home, enjoying time with their families and welcoming good and new. Despite the central value of hope and family reunion, it is celebrated in different ways in different Asian countries. Many international students need to spend their new year time away from family too. Having talked with students from various places, blogger Angel introduces a selection of the diversified Lunar New Year celebrations and how students celebrate it in university during term time.

By Angel Sun.

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Balancing work and social life at University

As we come to the end of term one, you might have found yourself struggling to balance your studies with everything else going on at university. Before we head into the new year and term two, blogger Abbie considers the difficulties of student life and gives some top tips from interviewing other students about how to best balance between having fun at uni but also working hard and achieving your goals.

By Abbie Farsiani

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