Summer is here! How to make the most of it

Now that term has ended and summer is upon us, there is a no small feeling of relief. However, in a couple of weeks that relief will grow stale and turn into something deadly: boredom. We’ve all had weeks in the summer when our friends are busy and we just can’t seem to find anything to occupy ourselves with. Luckily, there are some really easy ways to keep yourself entertained this summer that might just end up having long term benefits as well.

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Looking Back on 2021: Merry Christmas from your Bloggers

As we settle into the holiday season and campus gets quieter after a busy term one, here at the Warwick Library Blogs we’re looking back on the last twelve months. It started in a lockdown and sadly has ended with some restrictions being introduced, but in between we had some great months of learning and growing. Regardless of where you are in your university life, from a first-year undergraduate to a final year PhD researcher, I think this year we’ve been brought together in the challenges we have faced. We asked some of our bloggers to reflect on 2021, and here’s what they had to say.

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How to be Working Class at Warwick

By Olivia Collins

If you’re like me, then coming to Warwick as the first in your family to tackle higher education has been daunting, stressful and… stressful. Although Warwick has many great programmes, societies and initiatives to make people like me feel welcomed, I couldn’t help but feel like I stood out like a sore thumb. This is only what I have learnt, everyone is different, but here are my tips for fitting in, whilst staying true to yourself, as a widening participation student.

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