Resolutions stick better in Spring

Did you find yourself, January 1st, setting a load of New Years’ Resolutions? Going to the gym 5 times a week, no alcohol, 10,000 steps a day, 2 litres of water, going vegan, calling your mum every week. Do you find yourself, as we head into April, feeling like you’ve failed miserably at all of these? No weight lost, still not calling your parents enough, too many pints on a Friday night? Well, fear not, because you now have another opportunity to set some well-meaning resolutions and make them stick.

By Elli King

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More than food: What are Eating Disorders?

Next week is eating disorders awareness week. Eating disorders are a mental health illness that can impact anyone and have been on the rise since lockdown. In this article Iona discusses what eating disorders actually are, how they stem much deeper than being about food, and some pointers of where help can be accessed if you feel you or someone around you may be struggling with their eating.

By Iona Craig.

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The University Break-Up: Dealing with Post-Graduation Blues

Finishing an undergraduate degree can leave you with extremely mixed feelings. Pride over your achievements, heartbreak over leaving such a big part of your life behind, and anticipation over what will come next. Many students really struggle in the first year after graduating from their undergraduate degree. It can take a lot of adjusting to get used to what has been perhaps unkindly dubbed ‘the real world’, particularly when many students feel like university was the best reality they ever had. However, it’s not the end of the world, and there are lots of things you can do to make the ‘break-up’ with university life easier. Check out the advice below and start down the path of accepting that the end is only just the beginning!

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How to stay productive as a student over the summer break

The summer break: it’s what most of us spend the entire year looking forward to, and a chance to have a well-deserved break. However, after the end-of-year celebrations begin to die down, and with COVID restrictions still making travel during the vacation period difficult, students can begin to feel sluggish, as their productivity levels are significantly lower than during term-time. While it’s still important to have a break from long study days and endless reading lists, there are many ways students can stay motivated and productive while they take a break from studying. This blog post sets out some ways that blogger Fay is staying productive during the vacation, as well as some quick productivity-fixes to boost your motivation.

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