Advice to Freshers

Starting university can sound exciting, scaring, stressful, fun… yes, everything at the same time and we have been waiting for a while to gain the independency and experience university gives you. But when we finally get it, we sometimes don’t know what to do with it. In this article, Daira is highlighting some specific advice to freshers!

By Daira Povez Damboa

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Start thinking about your dissertation NOW

If you’re a finalist next academic year there’s a good chance you’ll have the option to take a dissertation module. Some of you might not have the choice at all! Either way, if a dissertation is something you’ll be working on next year, it’s never too early to make a start. Get a ahead of the game and start preparing now during your summer break…by Kumail Jaffer
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Don’t be diss-stressed! How to start prepping for your dissertation

It feels like your whole degree has been building up to this moment. You finally have the freedom to write an extended piece of writing on literally whatever you want. The possibilities are endless… but sometimes the fear is as well! When do I start? How do I decide what to write about? Where do I start with researching? How do I approach a supervisor? These are all questions which may start to plague you during the summer before your final year of university, and it can be difficult to answer them by yourself. Check out the dissertation prep checklist below, and start getting inspired!

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Remember, remember: memorising information for your exams

Ever wished you had a memory like Sherlock, with a whole host of facts and information at your fingertips? Here are some techniques you can try when revising, to help you memorise the information you’ll need to remember in your exams. We can’t promise you’ll turn into Sherlock by the end of the week, but some of these may be just the ticket…

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Study Hacks for Those with Short Attention Spans

Study tips like to do lists and study schedules may work for many students, but for those with short attention spans university work isn’t quite so simple. This week, blogger Hannah explores some tips for those who need a little more help to stay focused. While the methods you need might not be the same, with the right techniques you’re sure to be successful!

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