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Current Contributors

Krishna Bellamkonda

Hello! I am Krishna Bellamkonda, an undergraduate student blogger. I am a programmer and blogger. I grew up in India’s Pearl City in the confluence of various cultures. Somewhere along the way, I developed a passion for storytelling anything I felt was worth sharing. At Warwick, I aim to pursue this passion. On the other hand, I am a cricket fanatic and an anime love. I also, enjoy teaching programming. You can connect with me through my website here. If you catch me chilling in Library, we could talk about “that one time I played Sunflower in high school”

Olivia Collins

I’m a second year Literature student from East London. I have really enjoyed my time at university, and the library, so far, and so hope I can impart some of the advice I have gotten onto others. As a Library Associate I am up-to-date and interested in all things library and study related.

Iona Craig

I am in my final year of my Psychology Undergraduate degree and hope to go on to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I’ve enjoyed writing since primary school but have evolved my focus from lost puppy stories to mental health content these days. Alongside my degree I really enjoy playing netball, running and horse riding.

Emily Alger

I’m a final year Maths and Statistics Integrated Masters Student. I can’t wait to share my experiences at Warwick with you, this is now my fifth year at Warwick and I have a lot to share! Outside of my studies I love music and art. I regularly rehearse and perform with the Warwick Wind Orchestra and paint using my watercolours.

Lucy Carter

I am an undergraduate English student in my final year, with a particular interest in 20th century literature. I love reading and everything book-related (which is good given my degree choice) and writing both fiction and non-fiction. Outside of academia, I enjoy cooking, dancing, and travelling (not that there’s been much opportunity to recently!). I hope that my many studying mistakes over the years will help prevent you from making the same!

Fay Inverarity

I’m a final year undergraduate, studying German studies, after returning from my year abroad last year in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. I am a library associate, having been part of the scheme in my second year. As a huge bookworm, I have always been a library lover and have volunteered in my local library since the age of 10! Outside of my course, you can usually find me with my nose in a book, or cooking ‘weird northern food’ for my flatmates (their words, not mine).

Hannah Filer

I am currently an undergraduate studying English and Theatre Studies, with a particular interest in Shakespeare. I’m passionate about Widening Participation in higher education, and love working with the community to make university more accessible! In my spare time, I love painting, performing, and watching a good episode of Corrie!

Rebecca Preedy

I’m a final year undergraduate studying Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. I’ve just come back from a year abroad in Rome, and I’m still suffering from coffee and pizza withdrawal! When I’m not studying, you can find me ignoring important things in favour of reading a good book with a cup of tea, or curled up watching Ghibli films. My greatest desire in life is to have my own personal library, and with the number of books I’ve collected over the years I’m probably half-way there! 

Anda Drasovean


I am an Academic Support Officer with the Library’s Academic Services department. My two main areas of interest are e-learning (which is partially what my role at Warwick is about) and linguistics (I also work as a freelance translator). In my spare time I enjoy walking, volunteering, and cooking.




Christine Bradford

I am the Academic Support Librarian for Sociology, Politics, Education, Applied Linguistics and Lifelong Learning. I have been at the Warwick bookface for many years. Outside, I enjoy running; dog-walking and camping.

Rebecca Limb


My name is Rebecca and I am a Teaching Fellow at Warwick, School of Law. My research specialises in Medical Law and Ethics, Child Law and Social Injustice. Through capturing, collecting, and engaging with the lived experiences of patients, children and those with disabilities, my research introduces previously absent and under-represented voices into the legal debate from which I hope to change policy and clinical practice. I hold a LLB (2016) and PhD (2019/20) from the University of Warwick, and last academic year I was an IATL/IAS Early Career Teaching Fellow. Outside of academia I volunteer as a pastoral support worker for young people. I also love kayaking, photography and Doctor Who! I also have dyslexia.

Catriona Matthews

Design sem nome (9)

I’m the Library’s Student as Researcher Officer which means I work closely with the ASL’s to think of ways to make learning and teaching information research skills exciting (not that it isn’t already of course)! In a past life I was a Warwick History student and when I’m not working I enjoy baking, reading and climbing.

Laura Waller


Laura is the Library Disability Support Officer at the University of Warwick. Laura develops the Library’s physical environments, technologies, and virtual/online provision for students with disabilities, creating a positive and supportive learning environment and student experience.She also provides advice and support for students and works with Library staff to promote best practice in the provision of inclusive services, developing staff training and focused awareness raising events.


Kate Courage

I am an Academic Support Librarian, here to give targeted help to students and staff studying and researching English, Philosophy, French, Italian and Hispanic. A little while ago I was a Warwick student myself, and I remember student life here pretty well. Nowadays, I like reading ghost stories, visiting old houses, bird watching and listening to folk music… and inflicting some of these things on my small children!

Sam Johnson

I am the Academic Support Librarian for the Medical School, Life Sciences and Psychology. I have been at Warwick for over 10 years and my role is to act as the liaison point between the Schools and the Library. Outside of work, you will find me walking, bird watching, dancing or in a theatre.


Ana Kedveš

As a Community Engagement Officer in the Library, I organise events and services to support undergraduate students’ development and wellbeing during their time at Warwick. Outside of work, I am a student myself, completing a PhD in Applied Linguistics.


David Richardson

I work in the Library as a Community Engagement Officer. I finished my PhD in 2014, on British pressure groups and movements campaigning on European integration from the 1940s to the 1980s. Outside of work I enjoy music, architecture, photography and bike polo (it’s a real thing – google it!).





Julie Robinson

I’m the Library’s Academic Services Development Manager and resident Moodle whisperer. I was a late starter when it came to higher education, but enjoyed it so much I ended up doing a PhD as well!  I’ve been working in the Library since 2014 and when I’m not buidling online courses, I like visiting windmills, watching 1960s British films and (in spite of living in the landlocked Midlands) writing songs about the sea.

Lúcia Collischonn

I am the current Blog Editor for PhDLife and StudyBlog at Warwick, where I am a second-year PhD candidate in Translation Studies. My research is about exophony (writing in a second language) and L2 translation, and I am passionate about cultural and linguistic diversity. I am a literary translator, having recently translated Yoko Tawada’s novel Etüden im Schnee (2014) into Brazilian Portuguese. Being Brazilian and German, I live here in the UK as an International Student and believe in the difference that an international community makes for the student life in the UK. You can find me on twitter at lucycolli, where I’ll probably be tweeting and working from my ‘soft office’, i.e. my bed.

Past Contributors

Emma Worrall

I am a postgraduate studying MA International Cultural Policy and Management and hoping to one day work in the cultural sector. Before my MA, I did a year working in a students’ union and before that I did my undergrad in English Literature at Warwick. I really love this university and I am passionate about supporting students. Outside of my studies, I am obsessed with theatre and musicals! I also enjoy cooking new veggie recipes and learning to knit.

Catriona Brice

Design sem nome

After spending the last 3 years here, at the University of Warwick studying for my undergraduate in Sociology, I decided to stay on for more and am currently working towards a Master’s in Social Research. I spend a lot of my spare time at the gym, not because I’m a health fanatic but because of my love for food. I also read a lot, write a lot and talk a lot… Ask my friends.

Sasha Santhakumar

Design sem nome (1)

I am currently a Biomedical Science finalist here at Warwick. I am also a deputy editor for the science and technology section of The Boar, Warwick’s student newspaper and also the secretary and third year representative on the SSLC for Life Sciences.


Izzy Conway

Design sem nome (2)

Hi! I am an undergraduate history student – currently in my second year. Outside of writing and (failing at) memorising quotes for exams, I like to binge-watch Marvel movies with my friends, and feed my caffeine addiction by making frequent trips to the coffee shop down my road!


Tanya Khan

Design sem nome (3)

Hi, my name is Tanya and I am a current MSc student in Business with Marketing. I started at Warwick in 2016, studying Politics and International Studies as an undergraduate. I am also the Head of Sales for The Boar, the University’s student-run newspaper.


Rosie Cleere


Hi, I am a graduate medicine student here at Warwick. I have a previous degree in English Literature BA Hons from Newcastle University. I would love to share with you all the things I have learnt from doing my degrees. I am the welfare officer for MEDSOC, a member of the residential life team and have my own blog. I also love to read, spent time outdoors, painting and café’s!

Find me on Instagram @thefemale_medic

Miriam Gordon

Design sem nome (4)

Hello! My name is Miriam. I am postgraduate student studying MA Research in French and Francophone Studies after having completed my undergraduate at Cardiff. I have learnt a lot from the student life and study experience that I hope to pass on to you! In my spare time, I like to read, listen to/play music and watch movies.

Stephen Hedges

Design sem nome (10)

I am a Library Assistant in the Customer Support Team.  I have written a book about my father who was a professional cricketer and recently completed an MA in the history of Glamorgan County Cricket Club.  Even more exciting than that (!?) in 2014 I walked all 1030 miles around the Welsh coast and  border with England in fifty days.  I like cats, chocolate and going to the cinema.  Sometimes, at home, I combine all three of those passions.

Katie Hall

I am a second year MA student in Writing at Warwick. I also did my undergraduate degree here in English Literature a few years ago. I am working on my first novel, ‘To Autumn’, for my MA assessment and applying to undertake a PhD in Creative Writing, to write a non-fiction book on women and friendship. I am a researcher for the Widening Research and Participation (WRAP) project at Warwick.

Jennifer McNally

I am an Academic Support Officer and I support the development of a range of projects aimed at enhancing Library-related teaching and learning, as well as delivering training and induction sessions. I also support the development of online E-learning resources, and engage with the Warwick community through our different social media channels. In my previous life I was a research scientist and I still like to stay up-to-date with all things Science. When I am not working, I enjoy staying active, being out in nature or reading a good book!

Miruna Mihaila

I am an undergraduate finalist studying Politics and International Studies. I am also the editor of one of the political magazines on campus and a contributor to Warwick’s student paper. I enjoy spending my free time in cute coffee shops writing stories, daydreaming or doing research – always with my headphones on.

Isla Stroyan

I started Warwick in 2015 doing Language, Culture & Communication and I am now doing a Master’s in Sociology. In my spare time I volunteer at a foodbank and love Geocaching, cooking and travelling as much as I can.

Kayvon Taee

I am a twin English-Iranian with name meaning Saturn after the planet. Originally from Dartford, Kent, I am a 3rd Year Chemistry student studying MChem with Medicinal Chemistry and I hope to go to medical school after graduation. I like to go out exploring, spending most of first year using the bike hires and cycling around campus (then accidently going to Kenilworth in the process…). When I’m not planting my face into lecture notes and assignments, I like to host socials for my friends, study language (German and Persian) and to play video games! Always happy to chat about my blogs by Twitter (@MarkTaee), Facebook (Kayvon Taee), email and LinkedIn.


Blanka Matkovic

Blanka Matkovic is the 4th year PhD candidate in Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, where she previously completed an MPhil degree in History department. Her MPhil thesis was published in the USA in 2017. Blanka’s primary interests are peace and war studies, conflict resolution, migrations and diaspora, human rights violations, the Second World War and war crimes, and dealing with the past and memory. She was the Blog Editor for the PhD Life and the Study Blog. Blanka can be contacted via email and followed on Twitter at @bmsplit.


Ciara Brodie

I am a second year undergraduate student studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics. I spent last Summer teaching Maths in South Africa with Warwick in Africa. Additionally, I am part of the Telephone Fundraising Campaign at Warwick raising money for scholarships, the cancer research centre and other projects. I also play society netball for PPE within the intramural league.

Carina Hart

Carina Hart

I have a PhD in contemporary literature and theories of beauty, and spend most of my time with my nose in a book or a cocktail. I blog at Beautiful in Theory.

(Now working at Loughborourgh Uni)


Charles Hand

Charles Hand

I was a postgraduate medical student at Warwick. Most of my time was spent on hospital placements around Warwickshire: trying not to get in the way. The rest was split between research, humanitarian work with Medsin, sports and all kinds of activities with friends.


Charlotte Salter

Charlotte Salter

I was a part-time MA student at the University of Warwick, where I also worked as a Student Adviser for the Learning Grid. My time was usually spent feeding the campus ducks, reading fantasy and YA novels, writing, daydreaming, discovering endlessly creative ways to procrastinate, and (consequently) making/wearing elaborate fancy-dress costumes.

Daisy Richards

Daisy Richards

I am working towards my MA for Research in Film and Television Studies after working in advertising in Covent Garden for a year. I received scholarships for both my BA and my MA, and am currently in the process of applying for a PhD at Warwick, if funding applications succeed! I love animals, food and A Cinderella Story.



Eric Baron

Eric Baron

I am a postgraduate student at Warwick. I like libraries. I also enjoys making art, usually in the form of short stories, poems and very rough ink drawings. However, I harbor no bias against bread sculpture or finger paints, and am currently working on a novel.

(Now working at Temple University, Philadelphia!)


Harriet Addy

Harriet Addy

My University life consists of studying Classics, which means cramming for a lot of Latin tests, and working as a student Adviser in the Learning Grids. I spend my days watching films, going out with friends and playing hockey.

(Now graduated!)


James Taylor


I worked in the Library as a Reading Lists Project Officer, attending to all your reading list-related needs. I’m an Associate Fellow in Film and Television Studies, and recently completed my PhD on the adaptation of the superhero genre from comics to film. Wealth and fame I ignored, pursuing academia as my reward.

Oriane Boulay


I work in the Library as Academic Support Officer, where I develop online training material and help with enquiries and workshops. Outside work, you’ll find me at the airport or in the Parisian metro… Visiting family and friends and stocking up on Dijon mustards, (smelly) cheese and pains au chocolat.

Keeley Varey

Keeley Varey

I have been on a third year Occupational Therapy placement at Warwick University for the past 12 weeks working with the Mental Health and Wellbeing team based on campus. I am due to complete my degree in June 2018. Outside of placement, I enjoy listening to rock music, going to gigs and I am busy training for the 2018 London Marathon.

Nick Bostock


I work as an Academic Support officer in the library.  I’ve recently returned to the UK after living in various different countries including Spain and China.  Outside of work, I enjoy watching films and spending time with my family.  I am interested in history and languages.


 Ondrej Bajgar

Ondrej Bajgar

My persona is split between between being an undergraduate mathematician, a Student Adviser in the Learning Grid and a Cooper in the student Food Co-op. Other than that I’m interested in pretty much everything. When not satiating this omni-interest by reading, I’m a keen orienteer, bicycle lover and devotee of Mahler’s music.

(Graduated 2014!)


Sofia Rios


I am working on a Joint PhD through the Monash Warwick Alliance within the Film, Media and Communications HDR Program. I served as the blog editor for The Study Blog and PhD Life in 2017 and the start of 2018. I now live back in Melbourne and miss Nuala terribly.

Stephen Soanes

Stephen Soanes

I am a sometime-archivist, historian and PhD who has spent more years at Warwick than seems possible. These days you’ll find me working in the Student Admissions and Recruitment Office.  Outside work you’ll often find me out walking, doodling, dancing to synthpop, playing tennis, or with my head wedged in a book.


 Thomas Bray

Tom Bray

I was a PhD student and seminar tutor in the Department of History. I split my time between my flat in Kenilworth and the comfy chairs in Curiositea. When I am not blogging, I like cats, cheese, and cycling, and some other things which don’t begin with C.


 Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart

I was an MA in Writing student at Warwick and a Freelance Writer. When not writing about films, libraries and fashion, I’m working on short stories, poems and the odd novel. As well as this I enjoy suburban fiction, horror films, folk music, watches, chick-flicks and biscuits.

(Freelance writer and an Assistant Editor!)


Tracy Dix

Tracy Dix

I worked on the Library’s Student as Researcher project and hold BAMAPhD in English, Renaissance writing and food history. I also spend lots of time with Warwick students. We enjoy hanging off various apparatus or seeing which parts of our body we can spin on. All this helps me build on my stockpile of handy tips on what not to do at University.

Rachael Davies

Info Photo

I am currently in my fourth and final year of English Literature and German BA Hons, and I spent my last year studying and working as a tour guide in Munich, Germany. I’m hoping to get into a career in journalism/marketing when I graduate in the summer. If I manage to get time off from my essays, I love to spend time outside taking photos, cooking, or reading.


Kumail Jaffer

Prof pic 3

I am a Final year PPE student, having spent a year abroad at the University of Waterloo, Canada on exchange. Active within societies and sports on campus – Warwick Labour, Socialist Students, Athletics, Basketball and Football to be precise. Outside of Uni life, I enjoy writing (politics, hip-hop, sports and culture) as well as fitness.




Chris Vernon

Photo for blog

I’ve worked in various roles in the Library for the past eight years, and I’m currently an Academic Support Officer and an Academic Support Librarian. I also finished a PhD in History from Warwick back in 2013. When I’m not working I like to spend my weekends pretending to be a Viking.


Helen Ireland

Helen Ireland

I work in the Library as an Academic Support Librarian for the Physical Sciences, Engineering and Classics, ensuring that resources are in place and that staff and students are able to make the best use of them.  This wide range of subjects means I never have a chance to get bored!  Outside work I enjoy music (I sing in the University Chorus and go to as many concerts as I can) and travel (I’m just back from a study tour visiting ancient sites in Albania and Macedonia).


Helen Riley


I’m the academic support librarian for Law and Economics. I like walking  in the hills or near the sea when I get the chance, and I often talk to the ducks on campus.



Ella Hillyard

Ella Hillyard 2018

I’m a third year BA Modern Languages student (French, Spanish & German), currently on my year abroad and living my life as a parisienne and soon to be malagueña. Originally from Manchester, in my spare time I like cooking, dancing and, of course, travelling.



Karina Beck

I was an Academic Support Officer in the Library, where I helped with enquiries and workshops, and developed online training materials.  I love watching movies, am drawn to anything crafty or creative, and spend far too much money on pick ’n’ mix.

Francesca Cornick

Francesca photo

I work in the Library as Academic Support Librarian, mainly supporting WBS. When I’m not in the Library I enjoy going to the gym, socialising with friends, a good TV boxset and the odd bit of DIY!

Daryl Johnson

I work on the Community Engagement team helping to organize and run the Study Happy events programme to develop students’ resilience and support their overall wellbeing. I’m quite new to Warwick and before I started I spent 3 years in China researching Chinese English language education and worked as an English for Academic Purposes tutor on presessional courses when I came back to the UK. Outside of work I love travel, knitting and decorating Kirby penguins with sharpies!

James Blake

I’m a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group, where I’m researching exploding satellites and the debris they leave behind. I finished my undergraduate studies in physics at Warwick in 2017 and couldn’t bring myself to leave! Outside of work I enjoy outreach, writing, swimming and drinking coffee.

Amy Preston

I joined Warwick in 2014 as an English Literature undergraduate and am now studying for my Masters degree – I just can’t stay away! On campus I’m involved with Warwick Congress, as well as the Yoga and Figure Skating clubs. Besides a love of reading (obviously), I enjoy cooking with my friends and have an appreciation for the fine art of bullet journaling.

Lizzie Morrison

I work in Resource Acquisitions and Digital Access where I enjoy unpacking the new books as they arrive in the Library.

Richard Perkins

I’m an Academic Support Librarian, responsible for looking after the glamorous departments like Film & Theatre Studies.  I’m also part of the Library Social Media Team, so if our Twitter account gets a little surreal you can probably blame me. Outside work you’ll probably never see me, unless you too are sitting in a theatre.

Stephen Bagley

Stepehn Bagley

I am a history finalist at the University of Warwick. You will commonly find me in the various coffee outlets around campus hungover and/or sleep-deprived. I like to spend my time travelling, cooking and blogging.
(Now graduated!)

Nuala Clarke

I graduated Warwick with a BA in Classical Civilisation. I worked as Community Engagement Officer at the Library. When I’m not working, you can usually find me snuggled up somewhere with a nice cup of Rooibos. I now live back in Bournemouth and miss Sofia terribly.

Shreeja Roy

I’m a masters student studying Medical Biotechnology and Business Management. This is my first year at Warwick University and so far I love it! Since joining Warwick, I have been involved with the Warwick Incubator as well as the Indian Classical Dance Society. When I’m not at university, I love travelling to different locations and exploring new places!

Lorna Khemraz

Lorna Khemraz

I’m a finalist at the Law School and if I am not buried in law books or fulfilling my adviser duties at the Learning Grid, I am working with refugees at the Coventry Law Centre. If I couldn’t make it out of bed, then I love to lounge at my home in Birmingham, try new food recipes, and watch sitcoms.
(Now graduated!)

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