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Harriet Addy

Harriet AddyMy University life consists of studying Classics, which means cramming for a lot of Latin tests, and working as a student Adviser in the Learning Grids. I spend my days watching films, going out with friends and playing hockey.

(Now graduated!)



Stephen Bagley

Stepehn BagleyI am a history finalist at the University of Warwick. You will commonly find me in the various coffee outlets around campus hungover and/or sleep-deprived. I like to spend my time travelling, cooking and blogging.

(Now graduated!)


Ondrej Bajgar

Ondrej Bajgar

My persona is split between between being an undergraduate mathematician, a Student Adviser in the Learning Grid and a Cooper in the student Food Co-op. Other than that I’m interested in pretty much everything. When not satiating this omni-interest by reading, I’m a keen orienteer, bicycle lover and devotee of Mahler’s music.

(Graduated 2014!)

Eric Baron

Eric Baron I am a postgraduate student at Warwick. I like libraries. I also enjoys making art, usually in the form of short stories, poems and very rough ink drawings. However, I harbor no bias against bread sculpture or finger paints, and am currently working on a novel.

(Now working at Temple University, Philadelphia!)



Karina Beck

Karina BeckI’m an Academic Support Officer in the Library, where I help with enquiries and workshops, and develop online training materials.  I love watching movies, am drawn to anything crafty or creative, and spend far too much money on pick ’n’ mix.



Thomas Bray

Tom BrayI’m a PhD student and seminar tutor in the Department of History. I split my time between my flat in Kenilworth and the comfy chairs in Curiositea. When I am not blogging, I like cats, cheese, and cycling, and some other things which don’t begin with C.



Nuala Clarke

Nuala ClarkeI recently graduated Warwick with a BA in Classical Civilisation and I now work as Education and Outreach Officer at the Modern Records Centre, as well as Academic Support Officer in the Library. When I’m not working, you can usually find me snuggled up somewhere with a nice cup of Rooibos.



Tracy Dix

Tracy DixI work on the Library’s Student as Researcher project and hold BAMAPhD in English, Renaissance writing and food history. I also spend lots of time with Warwick students. We enjoy hanging off various apparatus or seeing which parts of our body we can spin on. All this helps me build on my stockpile of handy tips on what not to do at University.



Francesca Cornick

Francesca Green I work in the Library as an Academic Support Librarian for WBS. (In a nutshell this means I support staff and students at WBS to ensure their Library needs are met and catered for).  Outside of work and blogging I enjoy working out, shopping, eating and listening to hip-hop.




Carina Hart

Carina HartI have a PhD in contemporary literature and theories of beauty, and spend most of my time with my nose in a book or a cocktail. I blog at Beautiful in Theory.

(Now working at Loughborourgh Uni)

Lorna Khemraz

Lorna KhemrazI’m a finalist at the Law School and if I am not buried in law books or fulfilling my adviser duties at the Learning Grid, I am working with refugees at the Coventry Law Centre. If I couldn’t make it out of bed, then I love to lounge at my home in Birmingham, try new food recipes, and watch sitcoms.

(Now graduated!)

Charlotte Salter

Charlotte Salter I am a part-time MA student at the University of Warwick, where I also work as a Student Adviser for the Learning Grid. My time is usually spent feeding the campus ducks, reading fantasy and YA novels, writing, daydreaming, discovering endlessly creative ways to procrastinate, and (consequently) making/wearing elaborate fancy-dress costumes.


Stephen Soanes

Stephen Soanes I am a sometime-archivist, historian and PhD who has spent more years at Warwick than seems possible. These days you’ll find me working in the Student Admissions and Recruitment Office.  Outside work you’ll often find me out walking, doodling, dancing to synthpop, playing tennis, or with my head wedged in a book.


Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart I’m an MA in Writing student at Warwick and a Freelance Writer. When not writing about films, libraries and fashion, I’m working on short stories, poems and the odd novel. As well as this I enjoy suburban fiction, horror films, folk music, watches, chick-flicks and biscuits.

(Freelance writer and an Assistant Editor!)

Kate Williams

Kate Williams I am an Academic Support Librarian, here to give targeted help to students and staff studying and researching English, Philosophy, French, Italian and Hispanic. A little while ago I was a Warwick student myself, and I remember student life here pretty well. Nowadays, I like reading ghost stories, visiting old houses, bird watching and listening to folk music… and inflicting some of these things on my small children!



Julie Robinson

Julie Robinson

I work in the Library as the Student as Researcher Project Officer for the Sciences.  I started my Bachelors as a mature student in 2005 and enjoyed it so much I’ve since gone on and done a PhD.  I’m obsessed with windmills, love watching 1960s British films and, in spite of living in the landlocked East Midlands, I also like writing songs about the sea.



Charles Hand

Charles HandI’m a postgraduate medical student at Warwick. Most of my time is spent on hospital placements around Warwickshire: trying not to get in the way. The rest is split between research, humanitarian work with Medsin, sports and all kinds of activities with friends.



Richard Perkins

Richard Perkins2

I’m an Academic Support Librarian, responsible for looking after the glamorous departments like Film & Theatre Studies.  Outside work you’ll probably never see me, unless you too are sitting in a theatre.




Helen Ireland

Helen Ireland

I work in the Library as an Academic Support Librarian for the Physical Sciences, Engineering and Classics, ensuring that resources are in place and that staff and students are able to make the best use of them.  This wide range of subjects means I never have a chance to get bored!  Outside work I enjoy music (I sing in the University Chorus and go to as many concerts as I can) and travel (I’m just back from a study tour visiting ancient sites in Albania and Macedonia).



Chris Vernon

Photo for blogLast year I finished my PhD in the History Department. I now work as an Academic Support Officer in the Library answering enquiries and helping with the development training materials. In my free time I enjoy old films, bluegrass music and Viking re-enactment.

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