The Study Blog connects you with information, support and the Warwick community. It’s about your study experience, the highs and lows, with posts offering tips on how to best navigate your studies. We are based at the University of Warwick Library, with our posts written by both students and staff. We like sharing our knowledge with everyone, so while we are here for Warwick students, we also welcome any readers who need a hand with university life.

Blog posts are published every Thursday. We publish on a wide variety of topics, but for your easy reading, we have categorised them into five main categories, which you can access via the tabs at the top of each page.

Degree Essentials is all about your university basics, including seminars, lectures and labs, revision and exams, and academic writing and dissertations.

Study Hacks is all about studying most effectively, providing advice on time management, organisations, the bets study apps to use, and your study environment.

Looking After You is the place for wellbeing and work-life balance support around studying, such as setting goals, taking breaks, and avoiding burnout.

Student Life is a mix of wonderful university life, from sports and societies, career planning and part-time jobs.

Your Experiences are the more personal musings from our bloggers on a wide range of topics.

If you want to reach us directly for questions, or for the opportunity to share your experience on our blog, please email us at libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk.

Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to leave comments directly on our blog posts when you have any advice of your own.


Our Authors

Krishna Bellamkonda

Hello! I am Krishna Bellamkonda, an undergraduate student blogger. I am a programmer and blogger. I grew up in India’s Pearl City in the confluence of various cultures. Somewhere along the way, I developed a passion for storytelling anything I felt was worth sharing. At Warwick, I aim to pursue this passion. On the other hand, I am a cricket fanatic and an anime love. I also, enjoy teaching programming. You can connect with me through my website here. If you catch me chilling in Library, we could talk about “that one time I played Sunflower in high school”

Olivia Collins

I’m a second year Literature student from East London. I have really enjoyed my time at university, and the library, so far, and so hope I can impart some of the advice I have gotten onto others. As a Library Associate I am up-to-date and interested in all things library and study related.

Iona Craig

I am in my final year of my Psychology Undergraduate degree and hope to go on to pursue a career in clinical psychology. I’ve enjoyed writing since primary school but have evolved my focus from lost puppy stories to mental health content these days. Alongside my degree I really enjoy playing netball, running and horse riding.

Emily Alger

I’m a final year Maths and Statistics Integrated Masters Student. I can’t wait to share my experiences at Warwick with you, this is now my fifth year at Warwick and I have a lot to share! Outside of my studies I love music and art. I regularly rehearse and perform with the Warwick Wind Orchestra and paint using my watercolours.

Lucy Carter

I am an undergraduate English student in my final year, with a particular interest in 20th century literature. I love reading and everything book-related (which is good given my degree choice) and writing both fiction and non-fiction. Outside of academia, I enjoy cooking, dancing, and travelling (not that there’s been much opportunity to recently!). I hope that my many studying mistakes over the years will help prevent you from making the same!

Fay Inverarity

I’m a final year undergraduate, studying German studies, after returning from my year abroad last year in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. I am a library associate, having been part of the scheme in my second year. As a huge bookworm, I have always been a library lover and have volunteered in my local library since the age of 10! Outside of my course, you can usually find me with my nose in a book, or cooking ‘weird northern food’ for my flatmates (their words, not mine).

Hannah Filer

I am currently an undergraduate studying English and Theatre Studies, with a particular interest in Shakespeare. I’m passionate about Widening Participation in higher education, and love working with the community to make university more accessible! In my spare time, I love painting, performing, and watching a good episode of Corrie!

Rebecca Preedy

I’m a final year undergraduate studying Ancient History and Classical Archaeology. I’ve just come back from a year abroad in Rome, and I’m still suffering from coffee and pizza withdrawal! When I’m not studying, you can find me ignoring important things in favour of reading a good book with a cup of tea, or curled up watching Ghibli films. My greatest desire in life is to have my own personal library, and with the number of books I’ve collected over the years I’m probably half-way there! 

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