More than food: What are Eating Disorders?

Next week is eating disorders awareness week. Eating disorders are a mental health illness that can impact anyone and have been on the rise since lockdown. In this article Iona discusses what eating disorders actually are, how they stem much deeper than being about food, and some pointers of where help can be accessed if… Continue Reading →

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Welcome to the New Bloggers

As we head into 2023, there’s no better time for us to introduce our brand-new Study Blog bloggers. Editor Ellie takes us on a tour. By Ellie King

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The tails of Rea: Missing pets at university

Has being at home with your family this Christmas made you realise you really miss animals when you’re at university? Before term starts, blogger Iona looks at some ideas to get some time with them this term time. By Iona Craig

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What is reading week for?

Next week is the dream week for humanities based students, and the scorn of those doing a ‘real subject.’ Yes, it’s reading week. But unsure of what to do with it? This week, Iona suggests some ideas for making your reading week useful and setting yourself up for a productive second half of term. By… Continue Reading →

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What is first year all about?

First year is about more than studying your chosen degree. Iona discusses some of the other priorities and areas to focus on during your first year at university. By Iona Craig

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Interviews: How To

Iona discusses some easy to implement practical ways to prepare and handle any upcoming interviews. By Iona Craig

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