A Fool-proof guide to different types of exams

Stopwatch ticking, pen scratching on paper, and we write down everything in our brain – this is how we usually take exams in high school. However, exams come in various shapes and sizes at Warwick. Apart from the timed exam in an exam hall, there are 24-hour and 7-day take-home exams. In these long open-book… Continue Reading →

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Lunar New Year: In the world and at university

Lunar New Year is the most important festival among the Chinese and other Asian communities. Just like Christmas, everyone goes back home, enjoying time with their families and welcoming good and new. Despite the central value of hope and family reunion, it is celebrated in different ways in different Asian countries. Many international students need… Continue Reading →

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Welcome to the New Bloggers

As we head into 2023, there’s no better time for us to introduce our brand-new Study Blog bloggers. Editor Ellie takes us on a tour. By Ellie King

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The Study Blog connects you with information, support and the Warwick community. It’s about your study experience, the highs and lows, with posts offering tips on how to best navigate your studies. We are based at the University of Warwick Library, with our posts written by both students and staff. We like sharing our knowledge… Continue Reading →

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