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Check out the latest articles from our Term Three Week Five Newsletter.

By Oliver Toms, Newsletter Editor.

Hello all! Welcome back to a much warmer, and a seemingly rainy Term 3 from your Library Newsletter team.

For many of us at Warwick Term 3 is the most stressful of all. For some its stuffed full of exams, and for others plenty of essays are due in. For everyone, Term 3 is a daunting time. With all of this in mind here at the Library Newsletter we have been brainstorming our top tips, hints and advice for both exams and essays. We start off with a list of the Top 10 tips for a successful exam period that includes revision and mindfulness. We also have specific pieces for those with exams, about how to prepare and cope with being in the exam hall, and something for those that don’t have exams this term as well. To round of this issue, we have a continuation of the interview series with the Library team and a informative piece on how to report issues you are having with your Library space. Enjoy the articles!

Top ten tips for a successful exam period

By Anastasia Cagnoni.

The brightest candles burn the fastest, and those 10-hour study sessions may not be as efficient as you think. Keep reading to find my top 10 tips to manage stress and preparation during exam season.

Read the full article here.

Out of the House and Into the Exam Hall: How to Prepare for In-Person Exams

By Arin Ososanya.

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly beginning to finally fade away into our history, many of us have in-person exams for the first time in our university experience. Here are some of my tips collated from conversations I’ve had with fellow students at Warwick who have had first-hand experience with this! 

Read the full article here.

Know your Library Space: Using the Library and Reporting Problems During Term 3

By Rebekah Elliot.

As the end of the academic year approaches, many of us are beginning to prepare for exams and other end of year assessments. During this time the Library and many other study spaces on campus will be busier than usual. There’s a few important things to keep in mind when using the Library throughout term three to make sure it remains a safe and productive space for all. Read on to hear about the Space Hog campaign, dealing with lost or stolen property, and how to report any issues you might face studying in the Library. 

Read the full article here.

What to do in Term 3 if you have no exams

By Anastasia Cagnoni.

For many of us at Warwick, Term 3 holds very few or no exams at all. If this sounds like you, then keep reading to find out about ideas for your free time and tips for non-exam assignments. Some students may only have labs and essays left, while others are fully free. The first set of ideas will be aimed at the lucky students with a fully free Term 3, if instead you have non-exam assignments such as labs and essays, scroll further down for a brief checklist.  

Read the full article here.

Spotlight on: Library Stewards

By Matt Munnelly.

Following his chat with an Academic Support Librarian, Matt sat down with two Library Stewards to talk about patrolling, noise levels and Lana Del Rey! 

Read the full article here.

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