Know your Library space: reporting problems during term three

As the end of the academic year approaches, many of us are beginning to prepare for exams and other end of year assessments. During this time the Library and many other study spaces on campus will be busier than usual. There’s a few important things to keep in mind when using the Library throughout term three to make sure it remains a safe and productive space for all. Read on to hear about the Space Hog campaign, dealing with lost or stolen property, and how to report any issues you might face studying in the Library.

By Rebekah Elliot

Space Hog

During these busier periods on campus, it’s important to be aware of how much space you’re using in the Library. Study space in the Library is in high demand, especially so during the exam period, and many people use the Library due to not having access to certain resources or an alternative quiet place to work. You might see the Space Hog flyers and banners around the Library in the coming weeks, here’s a quick run down of how the campaign works:

A cartoon hedgehog on a purple background.
Houston the Hog! Image: University of Warwick.

When in the main Library building, on floors 3, 4, and 5 if you see a desk or study space being hogged (someone leaving their belongings for longer than 30 minutes or claiming extra space they’re not using) you can let the Library staff know by anonymously texting HOG to the number 07788 351 382, along with the number of the desk being hogged.

The flyer system is then enforced by Library staff; the first notice, a ‘Watch this space’ will be issued for unattended spaces. Don’t worry if you’ve left for a moment to grab a book or something to eat or drink, when you get back you can simply discard this notice and get back to work! A second notice, ‘Don’t be a space hog’ will then be issued for spaces that have been left for longer than 30 minutes. This space is now available to use for anyone who needs it, belongings left here shouldn’t be removed by students but LIbrary staff can move the items to one side fo the desk to make room.

Remember, if you’re unsure if you can use a space that has been left unattended, keep an eye out for Houston the Hog!  

You can check out the Space Hog Library page for more information here.

Reporting lost/stolen stuff

Busier times in the Library also tend to see an increase in lost or stolen property. #KeepItSafe is another campaign run by the Library to make you more aware about keeping track of your personal items when using the Library. You might see ‘Crooks the magpie’ around campus to remind you! When using the Library, try not to leave any valuable items unattended. If you can, take them with you,  you can ask at the helpdesk for a tote bag to carry items like phones and laptops in when leaving your desk. If you’re studying with friends that you trust, ask them to keep an eye out if you have to leave your study space for any reason. Putting your contact details on higher value and popular items that could easily be

mixed up with someone else’s, like chargers or headphones, is useful as well.

If you do lose anything during your time in the Library, you can speak to the friendly staff at the Helpdesk who are always happy to assist with any problems you may have. Low value items will be placed into a lost and found bin, however you’ll need to speak to one of the Helpdesk staff for more expensive items like laptops or other technology.

Find out more about the #KeepItSafe campaign here.

Noise level reporting

The Library is a great place to get together to work with friends, however it is important to still be aware of others when doing so. The Library has dedicated collaboration areas if you’re planning to work and chat with people, and quiet and silent study zones if you want to work in less noisy areas.


A red circular card sticking out of a bookshelf. It has an outline of a person on and various pieces of writing about reporting a noise disturbance.
A noise level reporting card. Image: Rebekah Elliot

During busier periods on campus though, sometimes the noise level may rise even in these quieter areas. If this happens the Library has a number for you to message to anonymously report this! The number can be seen on the graphics around the bookshelves in the Library; texting this number along with your location will alert Library staff who will help deal with any noise disturbances.

Broken sockets

The Library has a range of study spaces and resources for you to use during your visit. At many of the desks throughout the Library, plug sockets are available for you to use, unfortunately however these may sometimes be damaged or broken. If this happens and Library staff are not notified, these sockets can often remain broken and students have fewer spaces to work. Thankfully you can easily report any broken desk sockets by alerting the Library main desk, making note of the number labelled clearly on the desk. A notice will then be posted on the desk letting other people know the socket is broken whilst the maintenance team gets to work on fixing it.

Respecting the Library space and those around you when working helps contribute to a more productive environment for everyone! If you have any other tips for making use of the Library during term three or want to know more about what help is available, chat to us on Twitter @warwicklibrary, on Instagram @warwicklibrary, or by emailing us at

If you’d like to find out more about the Library, check out our blog posts here.

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