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What’s the busiest time to come to the Library? How might you find out which study spaces are busy and which are quiet? Look no further!

By Matt Munnelly

On January 20th 2022, I reported on the occupation statistics of the library, and here I am again!

A lot has changed between the term 1 of 2021/22 and term 2 of 2022/23 for the library’s 29,000 users. Most notably, the average daily visits has sky rocketed! In term 1 of 2021/22, average daily visits were at 1667, but in this year’s first term, average visits rose to 5,437! Are we getting more studious, or are we just feeling more confident about Covid? Hopefully, a bit of both!

People at the entrance barriers to the library.
The entrance barriers at the Library. Image: University of Warwick.

Warwick students seem to have recovered from the Monday blues: the Library’s busiest day is no longer Tuesday, and has moved to Monday. Perhaps this means our week gets off to a good start. Or just that we do all our work at the start of the week!

While the most popular time to enter the Library is between the hours of 2pm and 3pm, the Library in term 1 reached its average busiest time at 4pm. Not much change on last year, when the busiest time was between 3pm and 4pm.

A man with a beard sitting at a desk reading an open textbook and some notes.
Image: The most popular study day in the Library is Monday. Image: University of Warwick.

While the Library itself sees high numbers, other Library-managed spaces remain fairly quiet. If you’re intimidated by the Library itself, why not consider one of the other spaces, like the University House Learning Grids, of if you’re a postgrad student, you might like it at the Junction!

TIP: By looking at the Study Spaces Available page, you can see a frequently updated outline of the business of all Library-managed study spaces. It operates on a ‘traffic-lights’ system, and some spaces rarely leave green.

A row of bookshelves filled with books.
The Library is home to thousands and thousands of books. Image: Matt Munnelly.

Looking for more interesting facts and stats on the Library? Why not look at Matt’s previous article here:

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