Different Library Spaces

Perhaps the Library is your favourite study space on campus, but how well do you actually know this place? Do you know which floors are for quiet or collaborative study? Have you ever been in the “Breathing Space” or the “Co-Creation Space”? Read on to learn about what parts of the Library you haven’t heard of, and how to get the most out of them.

By Daira Povez Gamboa.

The main Library building is located at the heart of central campus and over 1 million books and many study spaces are spread over 5 floors. Furthermore, the Library welcome everyone for 24 hours on every day of the week.

Although a lot of students attend the Library every day, they might not be completely aware of every space inside. Hence, this article provides you with some information about the different floors and Library spaces!

To start, on the ground floor you will find Café Library and next to it, Lib1, an area now dedicated for study.

A relaxed space with various chairs and tables. There are some green glass panels in the foreground with a banner that says 'breathing space.'
The breathing space on floor 1. Image: Daira Povez Gamboa.

Going up to Floor 1 we find the Welcome point and next to it a smaller cafe and the Study Lounge. This place provides comfy seats and a nice view of Library Road. Also, it is a collaborative zone so you are allowed to study in groups and discuss work with your peers.

Two signs hanging from the ceiling with various directions on them. There is a pull up banner underneath that says 'quiet zone.'
Directions to the Floor Three Extension. Image: Daira Povez Gamboa.

In addition, floor 1 has  self-service issue machines to borrow and return books as well as IT services and printers. In addition to the collaborative study space, you can find the “Breathing Space” on floor 1. The main focus of the area is leisure reading and you will find some book recommendations inside it too! So why not have a break from study in the “Breathing Space”?

Floor 2 of the library works as another study space and if you go to its extension (crossing the bridge) there are silent study zones and even two silent rooms. In this place you will also find the Teaching and seminar rooms. Some Study Happy events are hosted in these rooms so keep an eye on @WarwickLibrary on Instagram for more information.  Moreover, the Co-Creation Space is located in floor 2. It encourages staff and students to work together to do collaborative work. You can also book this room for events. For more information click here.

Floor 3 is a quiet study zone. It contains one of my favourite book collections, which is the English and Latin American literature collection. Additionally, in the floor 3 extension, you can find the “Wolfson Research Exchange”, a study and community space for researchers! It contains study spaces, lockers, a small kitchen area and bookable seminar rooms for research led events.

A pull up banner with showing the 'quiet zone,' 'collaboration zone' and 'silent zones' of the library.
There are banners throughout the library which give guidance to the zone you are in. Image: Daira Povez Gamboa.

Floor 4 is a quiet zone where you will find the law books and statistical data collection.

Floor 5 is another quiet study zone. It has a Sensory Study room which has to be booked in advance for use. There is another one on floor 3. Finally, you can find bookable Accessible Study Rooms on floors 1, 2 and 4 that can be used for a maximum of 3 hours per day for those registered with Disability Services.

If you’d like to find out more, take a look at “Welcome to Warwick: meet your library” and “five lessons I’ve learned at the library” blogs. What is your favourite place to study in the Library? Let us know by tweeting us @warwicklibrary or by messaging us on Instagram @warwicklibrary.

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