Welcome to the New Bloggers

As we head into 2023, there’s no better time for us to introduce our brand-new Study Blog bloggers. Editor Ellie takes us on a tour.

By Ellie King

The Study Blog is part of the University of Warwick Library, and is written by students, for students, seeking to connect you with information, support, and the Warwick community. We publish a post every Thursday on a wide range of topics, from using the Library services to the best tips for revision, and all the joys of student life. Our student writers come from a range of subjects and years, sharing their experiences, advice and knowledge to help you have the best university experience you can.

 Iona Craig (she/her)

I am currently completing a Clinical Psychology masters after completing my undergrad at Warwick. I really enjoy blogging on mental health topics, especially focusing on small practical tips that are easy to implement into everyday life. Alongside my degree I really enjoy playing netball, running and anything horse related. You can follow me on Instagram @ionaa.craig or connect with me on LinkedIn at Iona Craig. Iona has written on many topics, including depression, thinking about the future, and interviews.

Angel Sun (she/her)

Angel is a second-year undergraduate student studying History. She loves writing and watching films. She is also a sweetaholic who fills her shelve with chocolate and freezer with ice cream. You can follow her on LinkedIn @angelsun. Angel is looking forward to writing about productivity, Lunar New Year, and different types of exams.

Edward Stanbury (he/him)

Edward is a BSc Management student at WBS, with a passion for creative writing. He particularly enjoys writing informative, evidence-backed blogs. When he’s not writing, you will see him playing the guitar, running or looking for internships! You can follow Edward on Instagram @edwardcstanbury or connect with him on LinkedIn at Edward Stanbury. Edward has shared his thoughts on reading fiction, Academic Support Librarians, and study techniques.

Gunisha Aggarwal (she/her)

Gunisha is a first year BSc Economics student. Through her blogs, she hopes to share her experiences as an international student at Warwick. She is intrigued by the ethics of AI and behavioural economics. Her hobbies include reading books, writing fiction, designing app prototypes, and playing table tennis. In her spare time, she enjoys critiquing haute couture from the comfort of her couch. You can find her on Twitter @gunishaagg and LinkedIn @gunishaaggarwal. Gunisha will bring you thoughts on cooking at university, dealing with homesickness, and being part of sports and societies.

Abbie Farsiani (she/her)

Abbie is a 4th year student who studies English and Hispanic Studies. After a year abroad, she is excited to return to campus for her final year and share some advice to readers about her overall experiences. Outside of her studies, Abbie loves listening to different genres of music and has recently started teaching herself guitar. You can follow Abbie on Instagram @abbiefarsiani. Abbie has written on balancing social life and university, and is looking forward to sharing her thoughts on studying abroad.

Ellie King (she/her)

Ellie is the blog editor of PhD Life and The Study Blog. She is a third year PhD student in WMG researching visitor experience and evaluation in museums with Oxford University Museum of Natural History. In her spare time you can find her doing yoga, reading books, and decorating her new house. You can follow her on Twitter @ellietheking and on LinkedIn @ellietheking.

If you have any ideas of posts you’d like to see on the Study Blog, then let us know! You can email us at libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk or message us on our socials.

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