Your Guide to LibGuides

LibGuides are the new webpages with subject specific support, guidance and resources for all your researching needs! Check out everything you need to know here.

By Olivia Collins

LibGuides are a new resource from the University of Warwick Library. Each page has been carefully curated to provide the information you might need when using the Library and researching for assessments. Here you will find guidance on how and where to access books, reading and databases specific to your Department, so that you know exactly where to go and how to get there. On each page are several icons that represent different elements of the Library that are relevant to that Department, and by selecting an item, you will be taken to another webpage with more information and helpful links. You can also navigate each LibGuides page using the tabs at the top, which correspond to the icons on the page.

A screenshot of the LibGuides webpage.
The LibGuides are a brand new resource for all students.

University of Warwick has access to so much material that it can be daunting when looking for the perfect source, but LibGuides can help narrow down that search. Each LibGuide page also contains information about each Academic Support Librarian so you know where to go for further support.

On many of the guides you may also find support with referencing, research support and instructive videos. For example, on the Databases page for Life Sciences, there are details about the key databases for medicine, advice on how to approach different research tasks as well as information about applicable online courses.

There are LibGuides for all Departments, from WBS to Creative Writing. These resources are there for you to use, so check them out here.

An exterior of the University of Warwick library, with a road, some trees and a blue sky.
The Library offers a range of services and resources for students. Image: University of Warwick.

If you’d like to find out more information on the Library, take a look at our post Meet Your Library, and why not check out our Spotlight on Library Associates.

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