The New Library Search System

Welcome back to the Library! Some new faces and some old faces using an all new Library search system.

By Olivia Collins

Over the summer, after many meetings and lots of effort Warwick has changed its Library search and website provider, meaning that some cool new features have been added to your digital Library. However, like any change, this may take some getting used to, and here are some tips for the less obvious quirks about the new system:

A screenshot of the Warwick Library online homepage.
You can access the new library search tool through the library website.

Summon everything!

Summon, the new Library search system now searches through everything, not just books and articles. So, if you don’t want news articles and book reviews included in your search result, simply exclude them from your search using the expanded range of filters on the left hand of the desktop screen.

New Discoveries

If you go to the Library website from a link on a Talis reading list, and then want to search for something else, you have to select ‘New Search’ on the right hand side of the search bar. This clears the filters put on the search when you travel from Talis to the Library search, allowing for the website to search for other items.

A girl reading a book in the background of some bookshelves.
Image: University of Warwick

Results Hack

This tip is about how to fix a problem you might have with some links from Talis that go to the Library website: If you click on an item on a reading list on Talis, and then the Library search result comes up empty, you need to delete everything after the word and and press enter. For example, if the search bar says this- (TitleCombined:(The Oxford Handbook of Global LGBT and Sexual Diversity Politics)) AND (AuthorCombined:())- then delete ‘AND (AuthorCombined:())’ and press enter. This happens because when an item has an editor, not an author, on Talis, the Library search system gets confused, but this simple hack will fix this problem.

We understand that this or other adjustments may be difficult, but don’t hesitate to ask at the Helpdesk 8:30-21:30 near the Library entrance on Floor 1, or email Happy Reading!

This year, the Library building went through a refurbishment. Want to find out what’s new? Then read our post here.

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