The Library Newsletter is recruiting! Why should you apply?

Twice a term, the Library runs a student takeover of the Warwick communications newsletter. We’re currently recruiting writers. So why should you apply?

By Matt Munnelly

Be part of an exciting team

The library newsletter is made collaboratively between students and staff – being a writer means sharing and working out ideas with both. Unlike other opportunities where you work exclusively with students, or get taught by staff, this is an opportunity to engage creatively with staff as well as students. Your opinions on what the newsletter should include are given dignity by everyone in the team, which is made up of warm and determined people.

Three people talking together holding cups of tea.
The newsletter is ran by a team of students. Image: University of Warwick.

Know what’s going on

Writing for the newsletter means staying up to date with the goings-on of the best study space on campus (in my personal opinion anyway)! By discussing potential articles in the team meetings, you get to hear about changes to the library before they happen! If you’re someone that likes the library’s services and is excited about upcoming changes, perhaps writing for the newsletter is for you!

Being this interested in the library isn’t universal, but I certainly know I find it interesting! Why wouldn’t I want to know about changes to water fountains, new online learning resources and new books in the breathing space!?

A room with lots of comfy green chairs and some tables.
The Library is changing constantly: like the new Breathing Space which opened earlier this year. Image: University of Warwick.

Get great writing experience!

Writing for the newsletter also offers the experience of gathering information about a large institution and communicating it to a specific audience. If you’re interested in journalism or marketing, this may be a great opportunity for you! Writing these articles allows you to interact with various people working throughout the library, see what’s interesting about their job and put that in to an important medium.

A girl in between two bookshelves reaching up to get a book.
Image: University of Warwick.

And get paid!

Further to its attractive experiences it gives you on your CV, you also get paid for writing for the newsletter! As the saying goes, “A penny earned is a penny to spend in the SU…”

Something interesting I got to do was write a piece about the recent changes made to the library based on student feedback- which included the number you can text if people sat near you in a quiet study zone are being disruptive (07920531153).

It’s also quite cool to be able to have your name and work sent out to so many people. Since it’s received by so many students and staff, if you’re looking to be famous for your writing, maybe that will start here!

Where do I sign up?

If you’re interested in applying to this role, register your interest by emailing

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