The Library: Facts and Stats

In the first edition of the library newsletter, I wrote a piece about some facts and stats about the library, so let’s see what has happened since!

By Matt Munnelly

A number of shelves with books on them.
What are the facts and stats this term? Image credit: University of Warwick.

How much do the library pay for texts?

Last year, the most important text the library bought access to was ‘Macroeconomics: Institutions, Instability, and the Financial System’ (Soskice & Carlin, 2014) – as the team attempt to purchase the text again let’s hope they don’t have to pay quite as much as last year (£25,018)!

What is the most popular text?

Moving from the most expensive to the most popular text, last year’s winner stays the same here too! ‘Accounting and Finance for non-specialists, 11th Ed’, is still the most popular, but is down by 5 loans this term compared to this time last year. But this isn’t the only significant thing about this ebook – the new (12th) edition is also the most requested title. You can expect to be able to access this text soon – a purchase expected to shockingly break £4500!

Which students have the most reading to do?

Finally, let’s head over to Talis Aspire, our reading list service. The longest reading list belongs to ‘CX267: Ancient Greek Theatre’, though this is shortly followed by ‘HI180: Britain in the twentieth Century’, with 844 and 834 items on their lists respectively. Good luck to the students taking these modules!

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