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Welcome to Warwick! Congratulations, you made it! We’re so excited to have you on campus for your university journey. We wanted to give you a special welcome from the Study Blog. This blog is part of Warwick Library and is written and organised by students and for students. We publish a post every week, on Thursdays at 10.30am, providing you with all the advice, study hacks, experiences, and hints and tips you need to make your study and university journey a success. To give you a flavour of our blog, in this post editor Ellie gives you a tour of our site, pointing you to some of our favourite and most useful post to get you started at Warwick.

By Ellie King

The Study Blog connects you with information, support and the Warwick community. It’s about your study experience, the highs and lows, with posts offering tips on how to best navigate your studies. We publish on a wide variety of topics, but for your easy reading, we have categorised them into six main categories, which you can access via the tabs at the top of each page.

We publish a post every week, on Thursdays at 10.30am, providing you with all the advice, study hacks, experiences, and hints and tips you need to make your study and university journey a success.”

The Library hosts all the information you need to know about Warwick Library, from the different study spaces on campus, to the wide variety of services on offer. Last year we had a library refurbishment, so take a look at all the newest features. The Library isn’t just the main library building, but in fact a whole load of study spaces and extra hidden gems across campus.

External picture of the Warwick Library, with a red sign with white writing saying 'The Library.'
The Library at Warwick is the heart of university campus. Image: University of Warwick.

Degree Essentials is all about your university basics, including seminars, lectures and labs, revision and exams, and academic writing and dissertations. One of my favourite and most useful posts is about note-taking – the all important university skill. We’ve also got this brilliant post on referencing, which is any student’s worst nightmare, unless you know how to do it properly!

Study Hacks is all about studying most effectively, providing advice on time management, organisations, the bets study apps to use, and your study environment. We have a great post on the science behind studying, which looks at the most effective study methods and how you can make the most of your study sessions. This post on using apps for study is also great for helping you find your study routine at university.

Two girls in between bookshelves in the library, browsing shelves.
At The Study Blog, we try to give you all the tips and hacks to help your with your studies. Image: University of Warwick.

Looking After You is the place for wellbeing and work-life balance support around studying, such as setting goals, taking breaks, and avoiding burnout. The Library is very supportive when it comes to studying happy, and this post explores our top 10 tips. We also know that university study can be a big change, and our blog about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is a great starting point for managing this change. 

External image of Senate House at dusk. There is a light covering of snow on the ground.
Wellbeing Support Services can be found at Senate House. Image: University of Warwick.

Student Life is a mix of wonderful university life, from sports and societies, career planning and part-time jobs. One great post is about how to be working class at Warwick, and the adjustment of mixing with a load of new people. We’ve also got a post on hobbies, which is a key part of university life.

The University of Warwick's piazza with some people walking a sitting. There is a blue sky with clouds.
The Piazza is where a lot of student life takes place, with bars, cafes, restaurants, and the big screen. Image: University of Warwick.

Your Experiences are the more personal musings from our bloggers on a wide range of topics. Here you can read about reflections on settling into a postgraduate degree or how one blogger managed their mental health during their studies. 

We’re currently recruiting for new bloggers for the Study Blog, so if you like the look of these posts and want to contribute your own experiences and advice, then make sure you apply through the Unitemps website. This is a paid position and you only need to write four blog posts over the academic year, so why not give it a go. One blogger last year said:

I liked the flexibility of the role and the freedom to write any article I thought be interesting to the readership

Student Blogger for the Study Blog, 2022

If you’d like more information on the role, please email libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk

What are you most looking forward to at Warwick? Let us know in the comments below, by tweeting us @warwicklibrary or messaging us on Instagram @warwicklibrary. If you liked this post, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to the Study Blog.

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