Summer is here! How to make the most of it

Now that term has ended and summer is upon us, there is a no small feeling of relief. However, in a couple of weeks that relief will grow stale and turn into something deadly: boredom. We’ve all had weeks in the summer when our friends are busy and we just can’t seem to find anything to occupy ourselves with. Luckily, there are some really easy ways to keep yourself entertained this summer that might just end up having long term benefits as well.

Pick up a new hobby

A long summer is the perfect time to start doing something you’ve always wanted to try, but never got around to. Buy yourself a ukulele, start learning how to draw, or even join a local sports club. Perhaps there is something that you used to love at school but haven’t managed to find the time for since starting university. Whatever it might be, the summer is the ideal chance for you to be able to really focus on something you enjoy doing.

Do an internship

Many people wanting to fill up their summer take on paid work or internships. This is a great way to spend your time as it will give your CV a boost and provide you with skills and experience that will be invaluable when entering the wider job market. Trying to find something relevant to your degree isn’t always easy, especially since places on internships are often extremely competitive. However, even if you end up with a standard summer job at your local shop, it is a great way to get some savings into your account for next year.


If you’ve got time to spare, volunteering looks great on your CV and can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door of larger corporations that you would be interested in working with. Contrary to popular belief, volunteering isn’t just about turning up to work the till in your local charity shop. There are many other things to get involved in, such as being a welcome guide for your local museum, or doing the accounts for welfare charities. Use websites like DoIt or Indeed to find volunteering roles near you. It can feel great to give something back to people in need, and often you can find something that is relevant to your degree. 


Using your summer to start reading and researching for the next academic year may sound boring, but it can be a really beneficial way to use your time. You might want to check out the recommended reading for the modules you’re planning on taking. If you’re a finalist, perhaps you want to consider making a start on your dissertation prep. Research doesn’t have to be all about your current academics. If you’re considering a postgraduate degree the summer is a great time to start researching where you might want to go and what is required for an application. Similarly, you might want to look at internships or graduate schemes to get the ball rolling early for next year. Using your time over the summer to plan your next step will really help you in the long run, since you don’t want to be panicking about it in the middle of next year when you have essays and exams to worry about.


This is by far the most important thing you need to do this summer. It’s been a hellish year and the least we all deserve is a break. Now is your chance to put your feet up, catch up with all the TV you’ve missed and spend some quality time with your family and friends. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that these little things are the most important ones in life.

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by Rebecca Preedy

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