21-22 round up from your blogs editor

As we come to the end of another academic year at Warwick, we take a look back over the year in blogs with our editor Ellie.

By Ellie King.

This academic year has been a little cautious as we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic and get back to in-person teaching for the majority of the time. Many of us have returned to campus on a more regular basis, with societies and sports clubs getting back into full swing.

In the blogs, we’ve talked a lot about adjusting to these changes, like Iona’s Balancing Act and an anonymous guest post on Imposter Anxieties. We talked about the return of the 24-hour library after it’s Refurbishment and more study hacks, revision tips and learning methods than we can throw a stick at. Seriously, if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at our Study Blog and PhD Life.

We’ve had writers share their experiences on a whole load of things, from Lucia’s series leading up to her thesis submission, to Rebecca’s Love Letter to the Library. Giles has shared his experiences of Temporary Withdrawal, and Kayleigh has opened up about the realities of studying with Bipolar Disorder. We are really keen to ensure these blogs are a space for sharing, reflecting, opening up and talking, and we hope that our bloggers discussing their experiences have helped our readers in some way.

We will soon be recruiting bloggers for the next academic year, so if you’d like to know more about writing for the blogs, or are interested in applying, do get in touch and keep your eyes peeled on Unitemps for the application.

To finish off the year at PhD Life and the Study Blog, I asked our bloggers what their favourite thing about the year has been. Here is what some of them had to stay.

It’s been great finally getting to see people in person this year! Running into friends around campus by chance rather than having to organise every interaction has definitely been a highlight. I’ve loved going to in-person seminars and having more complex and in-depth discussions than were possible on online platforms. Taking a wider range of modules this year and stepping outside of my comfort zone has been a really beneficial experience; I’ve tried new things and experimented with different ways of working.

Lucy, Study Blog writer

I took a break between my master’s and this first year of my PhD, so whilst it might sound a bit obvious, I’ve enjoyed getting back into research and academia. Auditing modules and attending workshops – and getting to do both of those in person – as well as advising MA students on their essays and seeing the positive effects that had on their work and confidence in their ideas have been real highlights for me.  

Riss, PhD Life writer

What I have enjoyed most about this academic year isn’t anything specific. It’s the lack of uncertainty that hung around during the previous two academic years. Its being able to see my friends guilt-free and go home to my family without the thought that I’m bringing COVID home with me. Its being able to meet new people in lectures and have multiple conversations go on in seminars. What I’ve enjoyed most about this year is the gratitude I’ve gained for a life without COVID.

Iona, Study Blog writer

This year I enjoyed competing for Warwick at the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) national championships. It was a nice way to meet and connect with Warwick students and students from other universities whilst representing Warwick in my sport. We spent 3 days competing in Essex; of course, I took all my PhD work with me, but it was still a nice break away from campus PhD life.

Sola, PhD Life writer

Thank you for continuing to read the Warwick Library blogs, and we hope you have a fantastic summer.

What has been the highlight of this academic year? Let us know in the comments below, by tweeting us @warwicklibrary or by emailing us at libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk

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