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In this post, we want to highlight our fantastic Library Associates, a brilliant team of students working with the Library to help you out. You might have already read a little about them on the Library website, but to find out more about what Library Associates do and how they represent you, we’ve interviewed two Associates, Jessica (final year History student) and Daira (second year Economics student), and Kat, an Academic Support Librarian for Warwick Business School, getting the inside scope on these Library superstars.  

By Rachel Parkinson

We asked the team to tell us a bit about the Library Associate role, and the sort of activities they get up to: 

Jessica: Library Associates work with Library staff to help improve student interaction with the Library. We attend regular meetings to discuss various topics such as reading lists, wellbeing, and when the water fountains in the Library will be available! 

Daira: I really enjoy my role as a Library Associate as we try to communicate students‘ needs to the library staff. We usually have meetings where we discuss the current situation of the Library and students, and we try to propose solutions to the main issues the Library is facing. We also look for ideas to promote new projects and try to better inform our peers about the Library’s services and facilities. 

Kat: I support the Library Associates by facilitating the meetings, supporting the decolonising group and baking cakes! 

A girl with long brown hair with her back turned, wearing a t-shirt saying 'Library Associate'.
Image Credit: University of Warwick.

Next, we wanted to know more about what the team can offer students and how we can ask them for help: 

Jessica: All Library Associates are contactable by email ( if you would prefer to ask a student for advice. We can provide study tips and help direct you to all the resources the library has to offer. Our most important job is to make sure that student views get represented in the library. So, if you ever have a problem, make sure to contact us. 

Daira: We are there to ensure students’ needs are heard! We try our best to ensure it! I believe our main support is as a channel of communication. You can approach us for help about how to use some of the Library’s services, to know more about the different floors, to get the support of your course Librarian, or just to tell us any issue that you think could be improved! We are always happy to help. 

Kat: The Library Associates provide a peer-to-peer support system for the wider student community. In addition to supporting the Library Associates, I am the Academic Support Librarian for Warwick Business School. You can come to me and get support with locating materials on your reading list, referencing, and e-books and journals. 

A student with long black hair talking to a girl with blue hair wearing a hoodie with 'Library Associate' on it.
Image Credit: University of Warwick.

Of course, we had to ask these Library insiders about their favourite things related to the Library -  it is, after all, the heart of Warwick. Here is what the Library Associates love about it: 

Jessica: One of my favourite library resources is the ‘Get it For Me’ service. It enables students to request chapters from books if they are unable to come to the Library, and they get delivered straight to your inbox. It was especially useful last year when I was away from campus. 

Daira: There are many things I love about the Library, even though I don’t usually study there as I need a bit of noise (yeah, a bit weird, but it reminds me of home!).~ 
I love walking around Floor 3 and getting lost in the thousands of literature books you can find there. I am a massive literature fan. It is one of my biggest passions, I have a huge collection of 200+ books back at home (all are mine!). And they vary from English literature such as Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf; French, Russian and for sure Latin American, such as Garcia Marquez and Neruda) so there is a great possibility I have read or at least know about a book/ author someone wants to talk about. I have studied literature during the IB diploma and I did my extended essay about 2 books of a famous author from my home country, Peru.    

Kat: I really like the new “Breathing Space” on floor one. It is such a relaxing and serene space to work or chill out and chat with colleagues.   

Two students looking at books, one with a hoodie that says 'Library Associate.'
Image Credit: University of Warwick.

Finally, we took the opportunity to ask the team about their favourite moment during their time working as Library Associates. We just had to know more about what it’s like to be part of the team! 

Daira: I wrote two pieces for the first Library newsletter and I really enjoyed doing it; but the best part of it was when it went out and many of my friends told me that they loved what I wrote! I think writing lets you communicate with others; I always say that I am better at writing than speaking… and it is amazing that I can continue doing my greatest passions during uni. 

Kat: I think the most rewarding experience is knowing that some of our previous Library Associates have gone to work in Libraries after graduating. 

Thanks for chatting with us Daira, Jessica and Kat! It was great getting to know you. Still want to know more about the Library Associates, or interested in becoming one? The Study Blog has another great post letting you know how you can get involved, and join this amazing group of students. 

Header image: University of Warwick.

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