The Best Study Spaces on Campus (while the Library is being refurbished)

Whilst the library is in its final stages of refurbishment (it should be fully open in a couple of weeks!), our blog editor Ellie gives you the lowdown on all the alternative study spaces around campus that you might need to hit during the first few weeks of term.

Rootes Learning Grid

Located opposite Pret in the Rootes Building (in the bottom corner of the Piazza), the Rootes Learning Grid is a relaxed space for getting through those reading lists. With lots of comfy seats available for group work, including some side rooms that you can book out, this one is a must for alternative study spaces around Campus. There are a number of computers if you need those too.  You can take a bit of food and drink in (although no hot food), so grab a coffee from Pret or Curiositea, and get studying!

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00

Rootes Learning Grid

University House Learning Grid

I have fond memories of this study space, having used it a lot when I was revising for my exams in my final year (back in 2017, eek!) With the great University House Café located next door, and with hot water available, it has everything you need for a good study session. There is also an Accessible Study Room available which is open to students registered with Disability Services.

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 08:00-22:00

Leamington Learning Grid

If you’re living in Leamington, there’s always the Leamington Learning Grid you can head to. Located in the Town Hall on the Parade, this small but quirky study space has computers and desks ready for all your studying needs. This space needs to be booked in advance.

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 12:00-22:00; Saturday and Sunday 09:00-17:00

Leamington Learning Grid

Biomed Grid

If you’re a Medical or Life Sciences student, the Biomed Grid on Gibbet Hill Campus is available. As well as the usual study spaces and PCs available to use, this space has a Book Collection facility for the use of various texts in the library (although you can’t take these home).

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-22:00; Saturday and Sunday 10:00-18:00

Postgrad Hub

If you’re a postgrad student there is a designated postgraduate study space in Junction. This includes study space, accessible study spaces (again for students registered with Disability Services), rooms to book for group work or presentation practice, and a relaxation room. This is also where the Postgraduate Community Engagement Team hosts their weekly PG Tips on Tuesday 3-4pm.

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 09:00-00:00

Bookable Rooms

Across Campus there are plenty of bookable rooms that, if they’re not being used for teaching, you’re welcome to head into for studying. These spaces do vary however, so make sure you check on the Library website for availability before heading out.

Space Availability

Finding a study space can sometimes be a little difficult. That’s why the Library has a handy Study Space Availability system, providing up to date information on where you can get a desk.

We hope to get the library refurbishment finished as soon as possible, but until then, happy studying! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch on our twitter @WarwickLibrary.

Cover image courtesy of Nathan Barrow.

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