An introvert’s guide on how to make the best of your time at home

Those times that ask us to be at home or inside for long periods can feel a bit lonely. But now is the introvert’s time to shine! It’s not only about switching between day pyjamas and night pyjamas, staying at home does not have to be boring. Here are some things you could do to kill that time you have to spend indoors.

Read read read

I know, coming from a literature student, this is obviously a personal choice. BUT, it is true that that pile of books in your shelf is not getting any smaller/shorter, and you might need to start braving it at some point. Again, you don’t have to have the physical books either. E-books are an option. The library has an extensive collection of ebooks as well as physical books you could borrow. The important thing is to diversify, read genres of books that you like, mix it in with some you think may be useful, and voilá, you got yourself some good boring-proof activities.


Binge, and learn something new

Ok, if books are not your thing, maybe try Netflix or any good TV streaming service. If the items on your to-watch list are also piling up, this might be the time to go through some things you really wanted to watch but got no time for. If you are not into TV in that way and you are more interested in learning something, there are several free online platforms with courses you can take. Warwick recently joined Kanopy, a sort of brainy Netflix service which has in its catalogue World Cinema, Documentaries, classic movies and also some very interesting courses. It is worth it to give it a try. It is free for university students, you just have to login via your institution.



I know. I know. It’s not what we think about doing when we are stuck indoors. The bed sounds way more appealing. Even if you are the more sporty type, and can’t go to the gym, there are still things you could do at home to stay fit. Youtube has a ton of great channels with workout videos, from Yoga, Pilates, to some light cardio or dancing routines. jonathan-borba-lrQPTQs7nQQ-unsplash

Save up

Having to stay at home for a long period also helps you save some money. You have the option of ordering takeaway, sure, but cooking might prove a better option. When you cook at home chances are you are going to be making healthier, more nutritious meals, it is cheaper than ordering food AND if you don’t already like cooking, it might teach you how to enjoy it, and see it as a fun activity. Not going out in general means you will be able to save some money in general.


Eat healthy

I know, the temptation to snack is right there, but check your vitamins! This is especially important if you’ve been eating too much junk food and takeaway and don’t remember the last time you ate an orange. Having enough good nutrients in your body helps it protect itself from disease, so go give your body some vitamins. It will thank you later.


Check on your friends

If you are stuck at home and miss talking to people, maybe try calling them? A video call might be a good idea, because then you can actually see their faces. If you are away from your family, this might be the best time to get in touch and have those long conversations you might be craving. Even though all of us introverts need our alone time, interaction in healthy dosages can be good for your mood.



What about you? What do you do when you are stuck at home? Comment below, tweet us at @warwicklibrary or email us at!

by Lúcia

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