Keep it Safe. The story continues…

Unfortunately, thieves could be lurking anywhere, even in a library! Clare and Sam share some info on how to keep your belongings safe:

‘She [Hermione Granger] gave the fragile-looking bag a little shake and it echoed like a cargo hold as a number of heavy objects rolled around inside it. ‘Oh, damn, that’ll be the books’ she said, peering into it, ‘and I had them all stacked by subject…’

Rowling, J.K. (2007) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, London: Bloomsbury p.135


Hermione Granger exhibits some natural flair for librarianship in her grasp of the fundamentals of classification schemes. Alas, librarians and students alike do not yet possess Hermione’s knack for spells and magic. If only we could cast an undetectable extension charm to make keep our valuables safe, and bulky back packs easily manageable… Whilst Warwick and Hogwarts may have some similarities (you can comment below to tell us what you think they are), the reality is, that when it comes to keeping belongings out of the hands of thieves, we can’t rely on magic…

Sadly, the Library is sometimes targeted by opportunists looking for unattended valuables and devices to steal from workspaces. This academic year (2019/20) has been no exception, and most regrettably, some of our community have fallen victim to this horrible feat. In response, the Library have re-launched the ‘Keep It Safe’ campaign, aimed at raising awareness of this very real issue. You can find out more information about why we first created the campaign, and what the creative thinking behind it was in our Study Blog Post Thefts in the Library: the story so far…


So what are thieves targeting?

Laptops…bigger-on-the-inside containers of the paraphernalia of student life: towering stacks of essays, lecture notes and favourite photos. Whilst this is what a laptop means to you, to an opportunist thief, they look like a stack of money in an easily portable and concealable package. Please don’t risk the loss of all that accumulated knowledge by leaving your laptop unattended while you temporarily disappear from your desk. The recommendation is that, like Hermione, you ensure that you carry your possessions with you at all times, even if browsing the stacks or using the toilets. Of course, this isn’t always easy whilst juggling books, so to help you out, free ‘Keep It Safe’ canvas bags are provided by your lovely Library team (regrettably without the addition of an extension charm). The bags are the perfect size for you to throw your laptops, phone and purse into, so you don’t have to leave them unattended. Just ask at the Helpdesk for your free ‘Keep it safe’ bag.


More information about what thieves are targeting in the Library, and how you can avoid being a victim, can be found on the Library Keep It Safe web page.

We also recommend that you check out the blog post: Top tips on how to keep your belongings safe.

Keep muggling along with your studies, but protect your treasured laptop and valuables, keeping them out of sight from opportunist thieves… Cave inimicum!

by Clare Spruce and Samantha Platts




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