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Your Library Online is a collection of online courses designed to help you through the different stages of studying at university and much more. We have designed these courses to help you tackle some of the common concerns and reoccurring issues that many students face while studying. Take a look at these 6 common problems to find a course that can help you… By Emma Brown

1. Never used a library before? Need help finding specific reading? Researching for your first assignment and don’t know where to start?

Designed as a natural progression to the library’s Get Started guides, Get WISe takes you step by step through the basics of how to use the library to achieve success in undergraduate or postgraduate study. Starting with helping you to find specific texts, this course will guide you through the main skills you’ll need to study successfully during your first term at University and end with helping you to manage that first assignment. As with all of our courses, it contains information on where to find further help and advice.

2. Lost with referencing? Need help making sense of the process?

Referencing accurately is an expectation of all academic departments and can be confusing if you haven’t done it before.

RefWISe will give you a background on what referencing is and why it is important for your academic work. It provides advice and tips on how to ensure you can keep track of your references efficiently as you work. The course showcases detailed examples of how to reference different types of materials including books, journals, websites and many more.

3. Worried about plagiarism? Do you keep seeing warnings about it but don’t really know how to avoid it?

The University has very strict rules about plagiarism which can be complicated or worrying if you are unaware of plagiarism issues. Avoiding plagiarism, though, may not be as difficult as you think. PlagiarWISe guides you through the topic of plagiarism starting with explaining exactly what it is and providing you with simple and easy to follow advice on how to avoid it. There is also the opportunity to test your knowledge with scenarios.

4. Need to create a presentation for class? Want to develop some new skills other than written assignments?

Many modules now include some form of presentation as part of their assessment. Creating a presentation can sometimes seem like a more appealing alternative to writing essays. However, there are many different skills that are being assessed which you may not be aware of. Present WISe is designed to support the development of your skills in creating effective visual presentations. You can work through the course from the beginning, or jump straight to the sections that you’re most interested in.

5. New to Post-graduate study? Concerned about the challenges of tackling self-led research?

The transition from taught study to self-led research, such as a PhD, can be challenging and you are going to face many obstacles, such as time and workload management. You may also face more internal obstacles and start to doubt your abilities. Postgrad Realities explores some of the common challenges you may face along the journey of your PhD and can help tackle the twists and turns to help you reach the finish line.

6. Stressed? Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload?

Studying at university at any level can be a very stressful time. Looming deadlines and the burden of exams can cause a great deal of tension, let alone the pressure we put on ourselves to succeed. Mindfulness can be a great way constructively relieve some of that pressure. It is here to support you with Mindful activities, further information and resources.

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