4 Ways to Make the Most of your Study Break

Just like a light bulb needs to recharge itself, so do you. Taking regular breaks is an essential part of your studying. This is especially important during Term 3 amidst exams and deadlines. Various studies have shown that study breaks aid your concentration, productivity and overall retention of knowledge. So, make sure you choose the right activity…By Ciara Brodi

1. Get yourself moving

Any form of physical exercise will be beneficial to your physical and mental well-being – whether it is during your study breaks or not. You’re likely to be a little tense from the anxiety and stress that can be associated with studying, so taking time to stretch your muscles can be more relaxing than you realise.

What’s more, if you’re working on Warwick campus, you’ve got plenty of pretty places to take a walk and stretch your legs. Wander down to Tocil Woods or take a trip to Lakeside. If you’re feeling extra energetic, you could walk as far as Cannon Park and stop off to buy some snacks while you’re at it.

If you live in Leamington you have the glorious Jephson Gardens, pictured above.

2. Phone a Friend

The one thing that can make studying extra-tough is the lack of social interaction and being almost trapped in your own head. Allow yourself some time to chat with a friend to escape utter zombie mode! Sometimes bringing yourself back to reality, and having a good old catch-up, allows you to relax a little and not get totally overwhelmed by your workload.

Almost 1 in 5 of you at Warwick are International Students. So that means you probably have friends and family overseas. Catching up can be so precious, and use your study break to have a long overdue call. WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype, amongst many more, will allow you to do that for as long as you want without paying a thing.

And why not combine this tip with the previous one: take yourself on a walk around campus as you are on the phone!

3. Cook a healthy meal

If you’re studying at home, getting yourself into the kitchen can be the ideal low-thought level activity to take your mind off studying. What’s more, you’ll have a finished product that you can enjoy and that will actually aid your studying! Good nutrition can boost mental alertness and help you to study for longer periods.

Have a look at this Buzzfeed article on 17 Power Snacks for Studying.

Voilà, a Cajun Chicken Wrap…

4. Study Happy

Finally, don’t forget that the Library offers an extensive programme for you – Study Happy. Throughout the year, and especially during the main Summer exam season, there are various wellbeing and creative sessions in the library available for all to access. Some require sign-ups, like the PAT Dogs Visit, whilst others are free for you to turn up to. Check out the website to find out more, and follow Study Happy on the University of Warwick Library Facebook page.

And taking the example of the PAT Dogs Visit. I took this picture during my first term of my first semester at Warwick. I am used to having pets at home, as comfort and of course a part of the family. At university, that’s definitely a gap in my life. Having dogs in the library was wonderful.

So, make sure you don’t forget to take a break during your studying. Staying in the library for too long can be counterproductive, and why would you want to miss out on all the activities you can do for that small dose of mid-study therapy?


Is there any better feeling than taking that well-deserved break during your studies? How do you make the most of your pause, so that you feel refreshed and energised to resume where you left off? Tweet us at @warwicklibrary, email us at libraryblogs@warwick.ac.uk, or leave a comment below.


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