Do you know about our Accessible Study Rooms?

The Library understands people learn differently and need different spaces. Our Accessible Study Rooms are bookable by students who have registered with the University’s Disability Services. Each room is different and can be adjusted to make a personalised learning environment. Want to find out more? By Laura Waller

What’s inside an Accessible Study Room?

Last year the rooms underwent a full refurbishment including fully dimmable LED lighting, automatic doors and new décor. Each room is slightly different so it’s best to check the individual room specifications on our website before booking. Equipment can be found inside such as book rests and ear defenders, all rooms have adjustable furniture and most computers have double screens and scanners.

Have you heard about our Sensory Study Rooms?

Sensory Study Rooms

We started off with one, but due to student demand and positive feedback, we now have two! Sensory Study Rooms are adapted Accessible Study Rooms on floors three and five of the main Library. The aim is so that you can adapt the room to your sensory preferences to create a different learning and relaxation environment.
Seating options include a rocking chair, bean bags and wobble cushions. Feedback so far has been very positive, particularly towards the lighting available. Across the two rooms, you can find a bubble tube, LED light tube, strip colour lighting and a star projector. There are also a variety of sensory objects, aroma cubes and a yoga mat available.

“My most productive hours are those I spend in those rooms all by myself. Once I switch on a star projector, I feel like I can do anything.” – Blanka Matkovic, PhD Candidate in PaIS and the Blog Editor for the Study Blog and PhDLife Blog

Software to support your study

Computers in the rooms are equipped with assistive software to support your study. Whether it be voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking or visual and interactive notetaking software Audio Notetaker, the rooms have a bank of software inside. You can check our website to find out what’s available in each room.

Worth noting, software isn’t limited to these rooms. Our Assistive Technology Area on the first floor of the Library has software available and although it is priority seating, anyone can use the area.

Library and beyond… networked software such as Read&Write Gold and Mindjet MindManager can be accessed from any University owned and networked computer via the software centre. You can find out more by visiting the University’s IT Services.

Location, location, location

We have five rooms, one on each floor in the main Library building. They are in the exact same spot on each floor and can be spotted on our floor plans under ‘quiet rooms.’

But there’s more… did you know we have rooms at some of our Learning Grid sites too? Tucked away in LG2 at University House, there is an Accessible Study Room (with colour LED lighting too)

For our postgraduate students, you can access PG Hub 3 at the Postgrad Hub at Senate House.

Not sure where these rooms are? You can use the Warwick Interactive map to plan your journey.

How to book

Rooms can be booked in advance via the Libraries Accessibility pages under ‘Accessible Study Rooms,’ and select ‘Book here’.

You will be redirected, where you need to log in with your University ID and password. This will then allow you to select a study room and choose a time and date.  Try watching our video on how to book the Accessible Study Rooms.

If you are in the Library and want to use the room on the day, you can use the control pad outside the rooms (pictured above). Simply select ‘available slots’ and then scan your University ID card to confirm your booking.

When it’s time for your booking to start, simply present your card and the door will automatically open. Remember, if you don’t arrive within 30 minutes of your start time the booking will cancel.

You can book the rooms for up to 3 hours a day and up to four weeks in advance. Library top tip! Once you have completed your three hours in your study room, if the room is not booked for the next slot, you can add the next hour onto your booking via the door panel. And you can do this each hour, as long as the room is free.

If you need any help making a booking please do speak to the Helpdesk staff or email

Tell us!

We need your feedback!

We are always looking at ways to improve our services, so please do let us know if you have any suggestions for our Accessible Study Rooms. We have an anonymous feedback form you can use. If you would like us to respond to individual comments, please do leave us contact details.


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