End of Year Reflections

Many congratulations are in order. Well done for finishing another year. Exams are over and the dissertation is finished. Whether this is your final farewell to Warwick or you’ve just completed your first year, here are some things to reflect on… by Amy Preston

Make a list of all you’ve achieved this year

Take the time to relax and congratulate yourself – you’re done! We spend so much of our time criticising ourselves and worrying about meeting deadlines and the quality of our work, but it’s so important to consider all that you’ve achieved this year. I recommend making a list of all that you’ve achieved, from receiving a positive comment from a tutor on an essay you put your soul into, to becoming president of the judo society, to helping a friend out. After the stress of exams, this task really puts into perspective all the great experiences you’ve had this year and it truly is a great feeling to look back at the things you’re proud of.

Think about friends you’ve made along the way

University is so much more than the degree, and at the end of the year it’s great to take a moment to reflect on the relationships you’ve built this year. Some of my friends that have been invaluable to me I hadn’t even met until this year, and I’m finishing my fourth year at Warwick! If you’re in first year and feel you haven’t made the friends you’d wanted to – remember that each year is a new opportunity. Reflecting on this year can help prepare for next year. Join a new society, say ‘yes’ to social invitations that usually wouldn’t be your cup of tea. After four years at Warwick I’ve learned there are endless opportunities to start a conversation with a stranger and it is absolutely never too late.

What are you going to do for next year?

With this in mind then, what things do you want to do next year at Warwick? What societies will you join, what can you do better academically, which people should you spend more time with, or which people should you maybe decide to leave behind? An exciting new start is ahead, remember.

What happens after Warwick?

If you’re graduating and don’t have any plans yet – don’t panic! There is no need to stress yourself out as these are the most exciting times, not knowing where your life is going to take you. If you’re looking to work, there are plenty of grad schemes that open all throughout the year. But maybe a grad scheme isn’t for you. If you’re wanting to travel there are plenty of great websites to support those travelling on a budget such as couchsurfing and wwoof to name but a few. Also, take a look at Warwick’s Career Service and take some time to think about your future.


Finally remember to take the time to relax and wind down after a busy year. Whether you’re coming back to Warwick in September or entering the big wide world as a graduate, I hope you look back positively on your time this year and can make aims and goals for what you’ll do differently next year. Have a wonderful summer!


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