Beyond the Campus Bubble

Living on a campus is a bit of a bubble: you study, sleep and socialise in one small place. But, there is life beyond the bubble! Whether that be in Coventry, Leamington Spa or even the other side of the world… how far will you go? … by Ciara Brodie

When I accepted my place at the University of Warwick, I was both extremely excited but also very anxious about the thought of living on a campus. Will I ever see “real people”? Where will I socialise? Will I ever leave? Well it turns out that campus life is so much fun, and something I will probably only experience once. I absolutely love having everything in one place and the sense of community that campus life creates. In an odd way, this creates the Warwick “campus bubble”.

I felt it especially during my first year when I lived on campus. It was very difficult to separate university work from everything else in my life. The perks are that you essentially do your studying and socialising in one place, so you never have to travel very far. But this in itself is very strange!

This year I have relocated from the bubble to Leamington Spa. It has been a great opportunity to try something new and see what the “real world” has to offer. So far, living off campus is great. I enjoy travelling to campus each morning, relaxing between lectures in my department’s common room and studying on Floor 5 in the library. I then come home in the evenings knowing that I can switch off and relax. Leamington is perfect for this: from cute cafes to great nightlife – it has something for everyone, especially after a hard day’s work.

Next year I’m moving even further away from the bubble. In September, I’m taking all of my things across the channel so I can spend my year studying at Sciences-Po Lyon in France. I am both extremely excited and very nervous. Will I struggle with the language? Will I find it hard to adjust to a new country? Will I be jealous of my friends graduating one year earlier than me? Trust me, I have considered all of these questions and more. But, I am confident that this will be a year well spent. For me, it’s an opportunity to immerse myself in a new culture, meet new people and actually put my A Level in French to good use! Having only lived in one country for my entire life, I hope this year abroad will broaden my horizons and give me the confidence to search for jobs further afield when I start job hunting. What’s more, I just don’t feel ready to graduate. Is there any better way to prolong those dreaded job applications?

However far I travel from the campus bubble, part of me will always remain attached to it. No one else would understand ‘circling’, what the Koan is or why the University of Warwick is not actually in Warwick! So, where will you go beyond the bubble?

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Cover Image: University of Warwick Media Library


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