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Ever wandered into Costa and started to feel guilty, seeing loads of people walking past with books, in work mode? You’re getting coffee and they’re walking by, in a rush to do some serious studying. Where? It seemed that Rootes building definitely wasn’t cut out for all those hard-working students to be… learning? Here’s a hidden gem in that ol’ building that you didn’t know about. Prepare to discover the Rootes Learning Grid… By Lillie Almond


Where is it? Walk into the Rootes building from the main entrance, and take a cheeky diversion from that usual coffee instinctive drive. Don’t turn right into Costa, walk straight on, and just below the steps up to Fusion, turn left. What’s this? Learning Grid barriers? Oh hey!

When is it open? Monday to Sunday, 8:00 until 22:00.

Anything else? Bring your student card, you need it for entry… kind of like £3 for your favourite club-night. You can talk, quietly. You’re even allowed food, just none of the hot stuff, because that’s smelly. That includes the hot stuff in containers too!


The Rootes Learning Grid is a surprising find, with a mix of open desk space on which you can use your own laptops, and university computers. It’s a quiet environment, not the sort of place people go (or are allowed) to stream music or chill out while watching their favourite television program. Yet the computers are well-placed, and personal experience has taught me that they are more frequently available at busy times than those in the library.

The Bookable Rooms

This Learning Grid has two rooms that can be booked in advance for group projects and work meetings. These are a great space to focus on a task while remaining in an academic environment with no distractions. Room 1 is tailored for group study, with a projector and connected computer along with DVD and VCR players. It has seating for groups of up to 10 people. Similarly, though slightly larger, Room 2 is more focused towards being a presentation room. It also has a projector with connected computer and DVD and VCR players, and provides seating for groups of up to 14 people.

Other Sparkly Features

The Rootes Learning Grid has an array of facilities, all of which can be hunted down here. The best bits are the plasma screens and the Mac, but you also get the joys of various medical numbered guides- check out the link for specifics of arms and legs and ligaments.

I find this Learning Grid the most conveniently located, and the one most likely to have free spaces in busy times. Being near the heart of the Union, it does get busy in the evenings though, so be sure to plan your time efficiently.

Studying hard is important, but so is taking a break once in a while! Keep an eye out for #StudyHappy events, like Kirby Corner and Library Language Exchange, often organised in this space.

Note: a nifty bit of information. The Grid is available for both students and staff members, in case any staff were wondering where they could throw in their extra hours of brushing up.

Top Tips

  • Bring your card! You don’t want to get caught out.
  • Book rooms well in advance. Projects are always underway, so be kind and only book the times that you know you need.
  • My personal advice: pack well when coming to the Rootes Learning Grid. Because it’s so central, you can make a stop there for a couple of hours as part of the rest of your day on campus; this is doubly efficient and stops you running from place to place when you realise you have a bit of free study time!

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