Get Familiar: The Wolfson Research Exchange

Researcher at Warwick? Let’s get you acquainted with the Research Exchange or the REx, as it’s more affectionately known… By Nuala Clarke


Where is it?

The REx is tucked away on the 3rd Floor extension of the Main Library, just to the left. Just follow the green carpet road if you’re unsure. Make sure you bring your ID card to get access.

Who is it for?

The REx is a designated space for all Warwick researchers (PhD, Masters Research or academics) so if you’re in the space, you’ll be in the company of your fellow researchers

When is it open?

Usually it’s open 24 hours, from Monday through to Sunday. It opens at the same time as the Main Library so make sure you check opening hours on Bank Holidays and over the vacation in case of closure.

232About the REx

The REx offers  a lot more than an awesome sounding name and the potential for a dinosaur pun. It’s a great space to socialise and network as the space provides a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration. Our collaboration area is great for casual meetings and potential collaboration opportunities. We’ve even got a boiler in the kitchenette so you can grab a coffee while you chat.

The back half of the REx is a quiet study area. It’s a favourite space for researchers to get their head down so make sure you’re respectful and quiet when in this area!

Hosting an event?DSC00003

The Research Exchange has versatile seminar rooms, which can be booked for research-led events. The set-up of the rooms can change from 3 individual seminar rooms to one shared space for larger events. All 3 rooms come with AV facilities and can be set up to suit your event. We’re keen to support researcher-led events so if you are thinking about running an event, speak to a member of the Community Engagement team who will help guide and support you and your ideas.

You can also attend some open events held in the REx. Just check the calendar to find out what’s on.

Meet other researchers

The REx is a great way to meet people, either organically in the space or attending one of the REx’s events. Come along to Research Refresh every Thursday 10.30am-12.00pm for the three Cs: coffee, cake and chat. There’s sometimes an informal game of scrabble going on or try your hand at some chess.

We also host a range of events throughout the year, such as our workshop, Networking, The Correct Way. We’ve also had events that help develop your academic skills, such as our workshop on creating impact. We’re open to any ideas which you’ve had – they’re usually our best ones! For example, one of our researchers was fed up of only being asked about their research and wanted to chat to people about their other interests. This led to ‘Beyond the Research’, our networking event where research-talk was banned! So there’s always plenty going on and if you see a gap, let us know! Either we’ll support you in arranging an event or we’ll organise it for you. Email your ideas to or chat to a member of the PG community team at our events.

Visit the REx!

But of course, the best way to find out about the space is to visit for yourself! So head up to Floor 3, make yourself some coffee and take a look round. Or better yet, join us for some cake on Thursdays!

RR digital screen landscape

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