Postgrads take over campus: perks of a summer at Warwick

We all love having our undergrads around, but it’s nice to have the campus to ourselves once in a while. Here’s why we love summer!…By Ana Kedves

1. Space to work.

After the exams have finished, the Library resembles a deserted battlefield, (cleaner and nicer, though). There is so much free space! You can literally work wherever you like, be it quiet or silent floors or relaxed collaboration space on the first. If you prefer working outside, there are plenty of free benches around campus. Printing and scanning can be done within seconds, rather than having to wait for someone to scan what seems to be everything that was ever published in their field. Which brings me to the following point…

2. No queues.

1450394876_3231dc73d9_zYes, no queues. I was almost shocked when I was first (and the only one!) in the line for coffee the other morning. Usually I have the time to fiddle with change, play on my phone, think of at least six ways in which my data collection can go wrong, fall in and out of my first year existential crisis, etc. I could get used to this.

The same goes for nearby supermarkets. Nowadays you can actually push the trollies without having to apologise for bumping into somebody every ten seconds.

3. Moving around campus.

I’ve never noticed how spacious the double-decker buses are. Until now. Plus, you no longer have to avoid the on-the-hour changeover when heading into and out of the Library!

4. You can take your pick from the other services on campus.

I personally thrive on the swimming pool being available pretty much all the time, arts centrewith fewer clubs and internal bookings, but other facilities are less busy too. Postgrads or not, we all need a bit of exercise in the breaks from sitting at our desks and staring at computer screens all the time. Have a look at what Warwick Sport offers over the summer.

Warwick Arts Centre also have a variety of different events on over the summer, many with student discounts.

5. Postgraduate life continues as normal!

Although the term is over, all the PG spaces are open as usual and there are plenty of event to go to, like Research Refresh in the Research Exchange – drop in Thursdays, 10.30am-12.00pm for coffee and cake, or PG Tips (Tuesday afternoons 3-4pm in the PG Hub), to help take the edge off during your dissertations/theses work and have a chat with one of our PG mentors or ask your questions about PG life.

Admittedly, without the undergrads the campus is quieter, but there are lot of fun events and opportunities to get together with your colleagues and enjoy the summer time. Make sure to check the PG Hub’s website for all the updates on what’s happening on the campus.

Like the PG Summer Fête on 26 July for example! Make sure you buy your £2 ticket from the SU to guarantee yourself a BBQ lunch & drink. There will be lots to keep you entertained, including games and bubble football. It’s a great chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxed afternoon with friends. See you there!

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Image: Jeremy Keith/CC BY 2.0

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