Kirby Corner: What have you achieved this year?

Another academic year over – let’s take a look at what you’ve achieved! 

The final Kirby Corner of 2017 gave you an opportunity to look back on your year and take pride in your progress and what you’ve achieved. Ranging from developing cooking skills to a student-run investment portfolio, there was so much to be proud of. All of us in the Study Happy team want to congratulate you all on your success and reassure you that we will keep on supporting you with a chat or a biscuit whenever you need it.

So what have you done this year? Here are the highlights:

We made it out of bed…

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For some, success was all about defeating the gravitational force of the bed in the mornings and we couldn’t agree more! Making all of those 9am lectures is undoubtedly a good reason to give yourselves a pat on the back. Going to revise in the library before 9? Well, that’s some next-level Jedi mind trick. The Force will certainly be with you in the exam period.

Worked hard….

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For others, this year was a time for developing skills and improving your work ethic. Whether you polished your IT skills, learned to write effective presentations or simply made it your goal to become more assertive in class, it was a busy year for undergrads. It gives us a tremendous satisfaction to watch you develop your skills, become confident in your degree and celebrate your achievements!

Made big decisions….

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Sometimes success comes down to smart decisions. Did you choose to study abroad for a term? Joined a society or a sports team? Perhaps you decided to create a student-run investment portfolio. Whatever your decision was, it takes great courage to throw yourself into the unknown so kudos to you. In our book, there’s no leap of faith too small so keep leaping forward!

And got a grip on this whole adulting thing.

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Many of the students that came to say hi told us that they are proud of keeping up to date with dish washing, hoovering and even learning to cook new kinds of food. Doing a good job at being a ‘proper adult’ while also keeping up with coursework is no small feat – keep up the good work and remember that even ‘experienced adults’ still have a lot to learn.

All in all, a great year! To infinity and beyond!

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You all made it to the end of term three! We hope you enjoy your well-deserved holiday and that you keep pursuing your goals next year!

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