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The postgraduate journey: staying on track

There’s so much to the postgraduate journey that often it feels like you’d need a map to navigate it… so we’ve made one. Here’s what the Library has coming up to help you stay on track, complete with its very own PG tube map…

Most well-loved stories need a map: The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and even Harry Potter (I’m counting the marauder’s map). So I don’t see why your postgrad story shouldn’t as well. We’ve taken a little inspiration from our capital city’s transport system to create a map to help you navigate the PG life at Warwick and help you check in to ensure you’re still on track:

There we have it. I won’t get off point or derail with unnecessary train metaphors… so let’s crack straight on with what’s going on for you to get involved with at the moment:

On Track

On Track is the Library’s programme of workshops, designed to help you maintain your work-life balance and provide practical information and support for your academic development and research. There’s a whole range of workshops available such as ‘Productivity App Swap’, ‘Academic Writing: Analysis’ and ‘Working with Long Documents’. Take a look at the full programme to see the full list of workshops and sign up.

Meet the Mentor

Do you have questions which you’d prefer to ask anonymously, or in a forum away from your department, supervisor or tutor? Have you ever wondered how your peers tackle certain challenges? Now your chance to meet the mentors from our online mentorship forum in person and ask them your questions over a cup of coffee – just pop by the Hub on Tuesday 3-4pm. Keep an eye out, as the mentors are hitting the road and dropping into your departments to chat too.

Creative Breaks

Not all procrastination is unproductive! Take an hour to exercise your mind, reflect & try new things. Remember, taking breaks improves productivity & leads to a healthy work-life balance. Join us in the PG Hub on Mondays, 12-1pm (every week) to get creative! Workshops include calligraphy, bullet-journal style timetabling, TED Talks and more. No sign up required and you’re welcome to bring in your (cold) lunch and join in the activities while you eat.

PG Tips

pgtips new

Drop into the Relaxation Room in the PG Hub on Wednesdays at 4-5pm for some tea, a chat and to pick up some tips. It a great way to meet other PGs, and check out our weekly display on subjects including digital tools, wellbeing and events on campus. Make sure to come along and share your own tips too! And grab a biscuit of course…

Research Refresh

For all you researchers, who find themselves running out of steam by Thursday, pop along to the Wolfson Research Exchange on Thursday mornings (10.30am-12.00pm) for a chat and some (lots of) cake. It’s a great way to meet other researchers from outside of your discipline, as well as recharge for another day of study.

PG Pub Quiz

And finally, you need to have some fun. Take an evening off – you’re only human after all. A great way to blow off some steam but keep your brain in gear is the PG Pub Quiz, running every Tuesday 7pm-9pm in the Graduate. And if you win there’s bragging rights, as well as the cash prize.

So make sure you make the most of the support available. Leave you train-puns in the comments!

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