Are you in a relationship… with the Library?

I don’t need to tell you that today is Valentine’s Day. The countless Facebook posts and Instagram photos make this knowledge unavoidable. But for many, the day isn’t spent being bombarded with roses or attempting to cook calzone for paramours. It is spent with your truest love: the Library.  

Now you may be fully aware of your intimate relationship with the Library and embrace the time you spend together. However, it’s likely that some of you are in denial, so here are 10 Ways you can tell that the Library was your Valentine this year…

1. Do you spend more time critiquing cliches than cooing over them?

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‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose..’ Actually, everything. Just ask Ludwig Wittgenstein.

2. Are you checking your postbox for Valentine’s Day cards or checking Library Search to see if that e-Book is available?

3. And rather than watching The Notebook you’re writing in one…


4. You go to the Library for your romantic poetry because let’s face it, Shakespeare set the bar pretty high.

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5. You consider the Library Café a romantic spot for a date and frequent Floor 5 to watch the sun set.

6. The only ‘walk-of-shame’ you’re doing is from the Library at 7am.

7. Perhaps instead of checking out your Library bae you’re checking out Library books?

8. While all of your friends are getting engaged, the only aisle you fantasize about walking down is PR 9349.D28- PR 9799.G468


9. The only Ben & Jerry that you come in contact with is Walter Benjamin & Jeremy Bentham… and your half-baked analysis.

10. Instead of love-notes, you write footnotes.

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Any of these sound uncomfortably familiar? Then, my friend, it’s quite possible that you’re in a relationship with the Library. Don’t fear though, this is a partnership to be embraced and revered, for no other partner will treat you so well: be there for you on a rainy day, provide you with the support that you need and turn a blind eye to how many of those custard cremes you’ve eaten in the past hour.

Got any other tell tale signs that you’re in a relationship with the Library? Add them to the comments. We won’t judge here.

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