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Overcoming the obstacles of Reading Week

We’re now half way through reading week and you have no doubt encountered some of the unexpected obstacles that are preventing you from getting to your Everest: page 86. Here’s how to tackle them…

Obstacle 1: Bed


You may have previously believed that your willpower was made up of steel (because how else did you make it to those occasional 9 o’clock lectures?) However, it has now become clear that it’s nothing more than a googey marshmallow, which melts into your duvet with a delicious delight whenever you try to get up to move to your desk. Did you actually think that you’d stick to a rigorous work schedule when deep down you know that you could just as easily get away with staying in bed all day?

Solution 1: There are loads of great apps that ensure you actually get up in the morning if your less empathetic self decides to set them before you go to sleep. Your alarm will go off but in order to silence it, you’ll have to complete a selected task, the likes of which include: simple/advanced maths problems, making it over to the other side of your room to scan a QR code, fun games that you need to complete. Have a browse of some apps available straight from the app store or on app blogs like this.

Solution 2: Put yourself at the mercy of your parents/friends/pet dog. Your chosen person (preferably one that actually gets up in the morning) will seize the chance to wake you up in the morning and drag you out of bed. Cue flashbacks to the school run.

Solution 3: Accept that you are only going to get out of bed for bodily necessities and prepare for a lot of reading in bed. We’ve got a whole other blog post about doing your course from your bed but the main highlights include the Library’s bountiful collection of e-resources at your fingertips and the importance of Endnote Online for keeping track (don’t trust those scrawled notes on a piece of paper that’s inevitably going to end up lost in the abyss that is your bed sheets).

Obstacle 2: Geographical Difficulties


Like most of the students who are blessed with reading week, you’ve taken the opportunity to go home and raid the food cupboard/fridge. Is that fresh orange juice? WITH BITS?! Unfortunately, Tropicana can’t help you access all the texts you need for your essay due the next week… but the Library can! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.)

Solution 1: SCONUL and Inspire access to other Libraries. These schemes allow you to access other public, university and private libraries when you’re not based at Warwick, read up on the options here.

Solution 2: Why not go to the British Library? Apart from being an amazing building, which radiates scholarly vibes (you can probably get smarter just by hanging out there for a few days), it’s a great study space with so, so many books. Like, all the books (published in the UK). If you are currently studying then you can request a Reader’s Pass. More info here.

Solution 3: Just find a decent place to study that has enough wifi to access our e-resources. Yeah, it’s that simple. No excuses (unless you were too bewildered by Starbuck’s new coconut milk option to focus on your study). You can narrow searches by e-resource in Encore.

Obstacle 3: The crowd has changed


Either you’ve gone back home to your family, are visiting those carefree friends, who spend the majority of their time hanging out in the cute little vegan café down the road, or you’re abroad (Amsterdam, right?). Either way, you probably haven’t got an Academic Support Librarian on hand to help with database searching or your course mates who know what style of referencing you need to use. Oh, and your deadline is Tuesday.

Solution 1: Check online. We’ve got lots of Library info online, from the best databases for your subject to guidelines for referencing. These should be your first point of call to help with any midnight assignment panics. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there…

Solution 2: Just ask us! During working hours, there’s always a member of Library staff checking Enquire (the Library helpline essentially) and we’ll do our best to help you as fast as we can! Useful emails: (for Endnote Online issues) (for everything else)

Solution 3: Contact your pals! Your course probably has it’s own Facebook page where your peers are on hand to help out. Expect a lot of course-related GIFs floating around too with procrastination levels peaking in reading week. And if there isn’t one? Then set one up.

I hope this helps you kick into gear this reading week! Let us know in the comments if you’re facing any other obstacles! Season 7 of The Walking Dead for example…



Read II/Daniel Go/ CC BY-NC 2.0

115/me and the sysop/CC BY-ND 2.0

World Map – Abstract Acrylic/Nicolas Raymond/ CC BY 2.0

20090800jenna-drawing/davef3138/CC BY 2.0

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